An Actual “Love” Story?

I have watched the entirely of Itazura Na Kiss for what has to be the fifth time. And I am still loving it. It is the stereotypical love story between an intellectually-challenged girl and an emotionally stunted boy. You know, the usual. Except in this one, you actually see them through their life, separate and together as this anime takes them through high school, college and their adult working life. It’s girly, but I very much enjoyed it, and maybe you will too.


January 2, 1017

It’s a new year yet again, and I personally hope that it ends up extremely better that 2016. Because let’s face it, 2016 was horrible for everyone involved. I, for one, lost a portion of my eyesight, as I have to wear an eye-patch so that I can have singular vision. I also have no depth perception now, so I run into things … a lot. Don’t ask me why. I was a klutz before all of this started. I’m not going to promise anything or make any “resolutions” because that’s not how life really goes. I will say that I will try to do things, but college is a thing. To me, education comes first so things I want to do will take a back burner to everything. But that is it for this Monday, and I hope that this year is a whole lot better for everyone.