My name is Raya, but online I go by the Drabble Geek or Drabble. Honestly, you can call me either. I am a graduate student, pursuing my Ph.D. in Comparative Biosciences, while I got my bachelor’s in Chemistry. I feel that if you look at the definition of the word “geek” in the dictionary, there should be a picture of me. I love finding new games to play, books and manga to read, and anime and shows to watch. On top of everything else, I love to learn, and what everyone else to learn along with me. I would love the make learning more accessible to all because I’ve seen academia as elitist, especially in the language that is used. My specialty is science, but I want to expand what I can to make every topic imaginable accessible.

I try to post every week with the random pieces of entertainment that I’ve been enjoying. On the other hand, I do have many different projects that I want to do. I will somehow have to do them in-between school, I but I hope I manage. I also have a YouTube channel where I play whatever game I feel like, so… that’s something else I spend my time doing. Find and talk to me online. I always welcome people to join the fold.

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