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Holidays in March (2020 Calendar)

It is now officially the third month of the new decade. I kind of feel that I have nothing to really show for it. I’m slowly but surely getting there with a couple of things. But enough about me. March is Irish American Heritage Month, National Women’s History Month, and National Crafts Month, at least in the US it is. Have fun celebrating the month.



Namesake Day (first Sunday); National Pig Day; Peace Corps Day; Peanut Butter Lovers’ Day; World Compliment Day; Zero Discrimination Day; Self-Injury Awareness Day; St. David’s Day


Old Stuff Day; Dr. Seuss Day; National Banana Cream Pie Day; Labour Day (Australia)


Caregiver Appreciation Day; I Want You to be Happy Day; If Pets Had Thumbs Day; National Anthem Day; Peach Blossom Day; Dolls’/Girls’ Festival (Japan)


Holy Experiment Day; Hug a GI Day; National Grammar Day


Multiple Personality Day; National Cheese Doodle Day


Dentist’s Day; Employee Appreciation Day (first Friday); National Frozen Food Day; National Salesperson Dat (first Friday); World Day of Prayer (first Friday); National Oreo Day; Ash Wednesday


National Crown Roast of Pork Day


Be Nasty Day; Daylight Savings begins; International Women’s Day


Panic Day; Teachers’ Day (Lebanon); Napping Day


International Find a Pay Phone Booth Day; Middle Name Pride Day; Purim (varies)


Johnny Appleseed Day; Worship of Tools Day; National Funeral Director and Mortician Day


Girl Scouts Day; Plant a Flower Day; Popcorn Lover’s Day (second Thursday); World Kidney Day


Blame Someone Else Day (first Friday the 13th of the year); Friday the 13th; Ear Muff Day; Jewel Day; National K9 Veterans Day


Learn about Butterflies Day; National Potato Chip Day; National Pi Day


Dumbstruck Day; Everything You Think is Wrong Day; Ides of March


Everything You Do is Right Day; Freedom of Information Day; Giant Panda Bear Day


Corned Beef and Cabbage Day; Submarine Day; Saint Patrick’s Day; Tea for Two Tuesday (third Tuesday)


Goddess of Fertility Day; Supreme Sacrifice Day; National Awkward Moments Day; National Biodiesel Day


Absolutely Incredible Kid Day (third Thursday); Poultry Day; Spring (Vernal) Equinox (varies)


International Earth Day; Extraterrestrial Abductions Day; Proposal Day; World Sparrow Day; National Native HIV/AID Awareness Day


Credit Card Reduction Day; Fragrance Day; International Sports Car Racing Day (third Saturday); National Quilting Day (third Saturday); World Down Syndrome Day


National Goof Off Day; World Water Day


Melba Toast Day; National Chip and Dip Day; National Puppy Day; Near Miss Day; World Meteorological Day


National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day; World Tuberculosis Day; International Day for the Right to the Truth concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims


Feast of the Annunciation; World Agriculture Day (varies); Pecan Day; Waffle Day; International Day of Remembrance of Slavery Victims and the Transatlantic Trade; International Day of Solidarity with Detained and Missing Staff Members


Make Up Your Own Holiday Day; National Spinance Day; National Day of Life, Peace and Justice (El Salvador); Purple Day


National “Joe” Day


Something on a Stick Day; Weed Appreciation Day; Earth Hour


National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day; Smoke and Mirrors Day


I am in Control Day; National Doctor’s Day; Take a Walk in the Park Day; Turkey Neck Soup Day


Bunsen Burner Day; National Clam on the Half Shell Day; National Crayon Day; World Backup Day; Equal Pay Day


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Not Your Typical Vampire Pt. 4.5

Next up in rereading a couple of books, I’m reading the short novella that takes place after the fourth book (review linked here). It was an interesting read in two ways. First, I read a Christmas themed book in the middle of February. Second, was a completely useless side plot that introduced another love interest who wasn’t interesting at all, and I honestly found it extremely stupid. If it had stayed with the main plot, I would have been happy. Being that I have read the next book in the series, I totally get that that singular plot could not be made an entire book, but there was utter nonsense that I had to practically skip through. It was mind-numbingly stupid. All you really need to know is that Sam, our vampire mom protagonist, found another medallion, and the end.

Here is a social network map of the series so far. Beware of spoilers!!!

Generating Internet Points

I think that a lot of people, including myself, are feeling kind of helpless in today’s world for a variety of reasons. There are just a lot of problems out there and sometimes it feels like you cannot do anything. As a student who is in-between schooling right now, I feel that I can’t really afford to spend money, even on things that I feel are really good causes. But what if I told you that you could support different charities and causes, by doing what you’re doing right now: surfing the internet. There is a chrome extension know as Tab for a Cause. What it does it give you ads every time you open a new tab. Using the points that those ads generate, you can gift those points to organizations that you want to support. One of the first things that I was worried about was how annoying the ads would be, as are most people. Honestly, after the first week, I stopped noticing the ads. They’re off to the side and you don’t really see them. Truly gives you time to think about that random thing that you want to search google for.

If you would like to join me in my quest to help the world, you can join using my link here. Also, share with your friends if you would like to spread the world. It’s 100% free.

Not Your Typical Vampire Pt. 2.5

Since it had been a while since I read the Vampire for Hire series, I decided to start from the very beginning and then get back to where I was. While doing that, I discovered short stories and other books that branch from this series. I will start with the first short story that takes place after the second book. This review will not have really spoilers, except for the insert of the updated social network map.

This short story, titled Vampire Nights explores the mindset of our vampire protagonist, Samantha Moon. Some of her struggles in being a parent, a woman, and a creature of the night come to the forefront as she talks with an old man that happens to knows many of the challenges in her life. It’s heartwarming and something that Sam needed after all the crap she was up against recently.

Also, the updated networking map doesn’t really change because of this story, but if you want to look at it, here it is.


Creepy Puzzle Town Adventure

One major thing about myself is that I love puzzle games. I don’t know whether I would consider myself good at them, but I do enjoy a good puzzle. Now, when I found a game that was a cop drama with puzzles attached, I was intrigued. The name of said game is “Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery”. The story line of the game is that a detective going into a old town pretty much abandoned, and you need to figure out what happened. The puzzles start of easy but then get progressively harder. I personal don’t believe that the learning curve is that steep. The one thing that you do have to remember is that you can turn the scene 360 degrees. I would often get frustrated with the game because of that one fact: there is more that just what you see because of a particular perspective. I only played the first season because it was free. The game is still in development, so I’ll look into getting the rest of the game once it comes out.

The game is available to download on only on Android as far as I see. If you see differently, please let me know.

Super Human Space Rocks

I would like to first start by stating that I know I’m late. I’ve been told by my friends several times over. I’ve been busy. Now, that over with, on to the review.

Many of the people in this fandom should already know from the title, but I am here to talk about Steven Universe for the people who have not gotten around to it. For the most part, I do not watch the more recent American cartoons. Even though I heard good reviews about this show, I was still slightly skeptical. For the most part, that skepticism was unfounded. The overall storyline was interesting, the characters were multi-faceted, and the ideas introduce was something I had never really seen before. I was very progressive with the ideas presented. I do have one complaint though. I promise, its nothing too bad though. Towards the end of season 5, where the story starts to really hit its climax, it felt as if the story would keep deviating from the storyline. In the beginning, when it was mainly exploring who the characters were, I was fine with it. But towards the end, I got a bit annoyed. Going back through now that I know the plotline, I might see how it added to things, but I didn’t at the time. Other than that one thing, what’s not to love about superheroes from outer space with amazing songs along the way?

As of writing this review, I have not watched the movie and what’s after, so please don’t give spoilers in the comments. But we can talk about how awesome the first five seasons are.

Trading Happily Ever After

If you love it when common-place stories get reimagined, as much as I do, I think you can get behind Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi or Okami-San and Her Seven Companions. One of the things that I loved about this anime even though there was a heavy emphasis on fairytales such as Little Red Ridding which is the most prevalent, the script gets flipped in interesting ways each time. Add on the quirky anime tropes that we all know, love and cringe at, you get a very interesting story. I would just have liked it to be longer. I wanted to know much more about the protagonist and the overall outcome of the struggles that she went through. That, and I wanted more romance, but what can you do. Through some research, also known as going on the My Anime List page, there are also some novels and manga series to go along with it. I’m going to have to check those out.