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Creepy Puzzle Town Adventure

One major thing about myself is that I love puzzle games. I don’t know whether I would consider myself good at them, but I do enjoy a good puzzle. Now, when I found a game that was a cop drama with puzzles attached, I was intrigued. The name of said game is “Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery”. The story line of the game is that a detective going into a old town pretty much abandoned, and you need to figure out what happened. The puzzles start of easy but then get progressively harder. I personal don’t believe that the learning curve is that steep. The one thing that you do have to remember is that you can turn the scene 360 degrees. I would often get frustrated with the game because of that one fact: there is more that just what you see because of a particular perspective. I only played the first season because it was free. The game is still in development, so I’ll look into getting the rest of the game once it comes out.

The game is available to download on only on Android as far as I see. If you see differently, please let me know.

Super Human Space Rocks

I would like to first start by stating that I know I’m late. I’ve been told by my friends several times over. I’ve been busy. Now, that over with, on to the review.

Many of the people in this fandom should already know from the title, but I am here to talk about Steven Universe for the people who have not gotten around to it. For the most part, I do not watch the more recent American cartoons. Even though I heard good reviews about this show, I was still slightly skeptical. For the most part, that skepticism was unfounded. The overall storyline was interesting, the characters were multi-faceted, and the ideas introduce was something I had never really seen before. I was very progressive with the ideas presented. I do have one complaint though. I promise, its nothing too bad though. Towards the end of season 5, where the story starts to really hit its climax, it felt as if the story would keep deviating from the storyline. In the beginning, when it was mainly exploring who the characters were, I was fine with it. But towards the end, I got a bit annoyed. Going back through now that I know the plotline, I might see how it added to things, but I didn’t at the time. Other than that one thing, what’s not to love about superheroes from outer space with amazing songs along the way?

As of writing this review, I have not watched the movie and what’s after, so please don’t give spoilers in the comments. But we can talk about how awesome the first five seasons are.

Trading Happily Ever After

If you love it when common-place stories get reimagined, as much as I do, I think you can get behind Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi or Okami-San and Her Seven Companions. One of the things that I loved about this anime even though there was a heavy emphasis on fairytales such as Little Red Ridding which is the most prevalent, the script gets flipped in interesting ways each time. Add on the quirky anime tropes that we all know, love and cringe at, you get a very interesting story. I would just have liked it to be longer. I wanted to know much more about the protagonist and the overall outcome of the struggles that she went through. That, and I wanted more romance, but what can you do. Through some research, also known as going on the My Anime List page, there are also some novels and manga series to go along with it. I’m going to have to check those out.

Holidays in February (2020 Calendar)

First and foremost, sorry this will be late; I’ve had a pretty hectic week. I wanted to get this out on time, but that was unfortunately not happening. Better late than never though.

We are now in the second month of 2020. The time just flies when you don’t have school to contend with.  February has a lot to celebrate, so let’s get right into it.


Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day (first Saturday); National Freedom Day; No Politics Day; Spunky Old Broads Day; Federal Territory Day (Malaysia); Day of Remembrance and Respect to Victims of the Communist Regime (Bulgaria); Abolition of Slavery (Mauritius); National Get Up Day; National Baked Alaska Day; National Serpent Day; National Texas Day


Candlemas; Ground Hog Day; Superbowl Sunday (varies); World Wetlands Day; National Tater Tots Day


Feed the Birds Day; The Day the Music Died; National Carrot Cake Day; National Missing Persons Day; National Women Physicians Day


Create a Vacuum Day; Stuffed Mushroom Day; Thank a Mailman Day; World Cancer Day; Farmer’s Day (Taiwan); Rosa Parks Day; Safer Internet Day; National Hemp Day; National Homemade Soup Day


National Weatherman’s Day; Chocolate Fondue Day; World Nutella Day National Shower with a Friend Day; National Girls and Women and Sports Day


Lame Duck Day; National Chopsticks Day; International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation; Waitangi Day (New Zealand)


Bubble Gum Day (first Friday); Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day; Send a Card to a Friend Day; e-Day; National Periodic Table Day; National Fettuccine Alfredo Day


Boy Scout Day; Kite Flying Day; Lantern Festival


National Pizza Day; Oscar Night (varies); Toothache Day; Mother’s Day (Norway)


Clean out Your Computer Day (second Monday); Umbrella Day; Family Day (Canada); Tu B’Shevat (Jewish); Home Warranty Day


Don’t Cry over Spilled Milk Day; Make a Friend Day; National Inventors Day; White T-shirt Day; National Foundation Day (Japan); Anniversary of the foundation of Vatican City; World Day of the Sick; Youth Day (Cameroon); National Sports Day (Qatar)


Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday; National Lost Penny Day; Plum Pudding Day; Darwin day


Get a Different Name Day; World Radio Day; Cheddar Tay


Ferris Wheel Day; National Organ Donor Day; Valentine’s Day


Candlemas (Julian Calendar); National Gum Drop Day; Singles Awareness Day; Susan B. Anthony Day


Do a Grouch a Favor Day; Almond Day


President’s Day (third Monday); Random Acts of Kindness Day


National Battery Day; National Drink Wine Day


National Chocolate Mint Day


Cherry Pie Day; Hoodie Hoo Day; Love Your Pet Day; World Day of Social Justice


Card Reading Day; Sticky Bun Day


George Washington’s Birthday; Be Humble Day; International World Thinking Day; National Margarita Day; Walking the Dog Day; Cook a Sweet Potato Day


International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day; Tennis Day; Banana Bread Day; Tile Day


National Tortilla Chip Day; World Bartender Day; Earth God’s Birthday (Taiwan)


Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday (varies); Pistol Patent Day


Ash Wednesday (varies); Carnival Day; National Pistachio Day; Tell a Fairy Tale Day


Polar Bear Day; No Brainer Day; Chili Day; Retro Day; Toast Day; Strawberry Day


Floral Design Day; National Chill Day; Public Sleeping Day; National Tooth Fairy Day; Tartar Sauce Day


Leap Day; Open That Bottle Night (last Saturday); Rare Disease Day

Sources: Holiday Insights; Holidays Calendar

Searching for Bones

One of my favorite shows is Bones. Even though it is officially done, I would love something that is very similar. That is how I find myself watching Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteriu, A Corpse is Buried Under Sakurako’s Feet, or Beautiful Bones. Really long names, but it is fitting with the anime. After looking a bit into it, this anime is based on a novel. I follows an awkwardly scientist who loves putting together skeletons and ends up helping the police on cases were there is nothing but skeletal remains of humans. Sometimes she steps in before that because of the incessant nature of her lovable sidekick. I greatly enjoyed the show. It was fast paced in everything seemed to be going somewhere. My main complaint is that the show doesn’t really end. It feels as though they hoped they would get a second season and didn’t. There’s just this huge cliffhanger. Maybe there is something else that I just missed when I was looking around for more, or I might just need to read the book. Either one is a possibility at this point.

Love out on the Ice

So, I finally got around to finishing this anime. It honestly took me longer than I would genuinely like to say, but I finished it. That show would be Yuri!!! on Ice. I think I should start by saying that I am not the biggest fan of figure skating. I recognize that a lot of skill goes into the sport, but it’s not that interesting to me. I suppose that would explain why the show really lagged for me. I really like the premise of the show, but it was just soooooo slow. It probably had a lot to do with having the exact same routine every single episode. There was nothing really different. Some of the thoughts during the skating routines were different, but not really. If you really like figure skating and really enjoy the competition scene, you might enjoy this a lot more than I did. I really enjoyed everything else about the anime, I just couldn’t get behind all the dancing. I’m sorry Panda.

Maybe Mean What You Say

Next in my deep dive into documentary series is The Confession Tapes. I absolutely love procedural cop dramas and the confessions at the end of the episode are what you live for. This documentary takes that step in the entire process and takes a closer look at it. What if the confession isn’t everything? What if the confession wasn’t as true as television has led us to believe? This is that show. It follows several investigations where the central piece of evidence is the confession given. Both sides of the justice system give their take on each case. With some of the episodes, I’m completely stumped as to which side I’m on, and I completely believe that that is the entire point of this documentary: to shine a light on the fog that is sometimes our justice system. If you love a documentary that has lots of twists and turns, I would suggest checking this out on Netflix.