Notebooks are Deadly

Recently, I have finished the amazing manga called Death Note by Tsugumi Ohba. I will admit that is has been the first non-shoujo manga that I have ever read, but I was not disappointed. The plot was intense from the very first chapter. The characters were amazing, and the plot twists were twisty. Half of what happened I could have never have imagined happening, but it did. And the ending. What is there to say about the ending except that it was game changing. If you are looking for a manga to read or to re-read, I would highly recommend this one. This was one where I could not stop thinking about during the long process of reading this. It did get dark at times, but it wasn’t too dark or gory that it was distracting. I would rate the entire series five stars out of five stars.

Although the next manga I read will probably be a shoujo (I love my shoujos), I am always looking for new mangas to read, or even an anime to watch. If you want me to review it, just leave it in the comments below.

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