Holidays in September (2015 Calendar)

I hope everyone had a great first of September. I know I did. After I got out of class, I took a two-hour nap. It was amazing. But as many people out there ar back at school and have lots of homework already, let’s not forget to celebrate some holidays. Sometimes, it is the best way to get  through the school day.

  1. Emma N. Nutt Day (You’ve heard of her before haven’t you? First woman telephone operator? Neither have I.)
  2. VJ Day
  3. Skyscraper Day
  4. Newspaper Carrier Day
  5. Be Late for Something Day; Cheeze Pizza Day
  6. Fight Procrastination Day; Read a Book day
  7. Labor Day (always the first Monday of the month); Neither Rain nor Snow Day
  8. International Literacy Day; National Day Nut Bread Day; Pardon Day
  9. Teddy Bear Day
  10. Sewing Machine Day; Swap Ideas Day
  11. 911 Remembrance; Make you Bed Day; No News is Good News Day
  12. Chocolate Milk Shake Day; National Video Games Day
  13. Defy Superstition Day; Fortune Cookie Day; Grandparent’s Day (always the first Sunday after Labor Day); National Peanut Day; National Pet Memorial Day; Positive Thinking Day; Uncle Sam
  14. National Cream-Filled Donut Day
  15. Make a Hat Day; Felt Hat Day
  16. American Legion Day; Collect Rocks Day; Step Family Day; Mayflower Day; Mexican Independence Day; National Play-Doh Day; Working Parents Day
  17. National Apple Dumpling Day; Citizenship Day; Constitution Day
  18. National Cheeseburger Day; POW/MIA Recognition Day (always the third Friday)
  19. International Talk Like a Pirate Day; National Butterscotch Pudding Day; Oktoberfest begins (date varies)
  20. National Punch Day; Minature Women’s Friendship Day (always the third Sunday)
  21. International Peace Day; Minature Golf Day; Wolrd Gratitude Day
  22. Business Women’s Day; Elephant Appreciate Day
  23. Checkers Day; Dog in Politics Day; Eid-Ul-Adha
  24. National Cherries Jubilee Day
  25. National Comic Book Day; National American Day (always the fourth Friday)
  26. International Rabbit Day; Appleseed Day
  27. Crush a Can Day
  28. Ask a Stupid Question Day; National Good Neighbor Say (always the 28th; used to be the fourth Sunday)
  29. Confucius Day
  30. National Mud Pack Day

Once again, your holidays have been brought to you by Holiday Insights, but where you expecting any different after this long.

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