Holidays in December (2015 Calendar)

It’s officially the first of the last month of the 2015 year. I’ve already started working on my resolutions for next year. I have to plan for these types of things while ignoring the massive amounts of “Holiday” music being blasted in my ears. But December is Bingo month, so maybe I’ll find an online bingo game to play. If you want to learn more about these daily holidays, go here to Holiday Insights.

  1. Eat a Red Apple Day; World Aid Awareness Day
  2. National Fritters Day
  3. National Roof over Your Head Day
  4. Santa’s List Day; Wear Brown Shoes Day
  5. Bathtub Party Day; Repeal Day (for the 21st Amendment to the US Constitution)
  6. St. Nicholas Day; Mitten Tree Day; Put on your own Shoes Day; Hanukkah begins
  7. Internationa Civil Aviation Day; Letter Writing Day; National Cotton Candy Day; Pearl Harbor Day
  8. National Brownie Day; Take it in the Ear Day
  9. Christmas Card Day; National Pastry Day
  10. Human Rights Day
  11. National Noodle Ring Day
  12. National Ding-a-Ling Day; Poinsettia Day
  13. Ice Cream Day; International Children’s Day (always the second Sunday); Violin Day
  14. National Bouillabaisse Day; Roast Chestnuts Day; Hanukkah ends
  15. Bill of Rights Day; National Lemon Cupcake Day
  16. NationalChocolate Covered Anything Day
  17. National Maple Syrup Day
  18. Bake Cookies Day; National Rost Suckling Pig Day
  19. Look for an Evergreen Day; Oatmeal Muffin Day
  20. Go Caroling Day
  21. Forefather’s Day; Humbug Day; Look on the Bright Side Day
  22. National Dat Nut Bread Day (or September 8)
  23. Festivus; Roots Day
  24. National Chocolate Day; National Egg Nog Day
  25. Christmas Day; National Pumpkin Pie Day
  26. Kwanzaa begins
  27. Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day; National Fruitcake Day
  28. Boxing Day
  29. Card Playing Day; Pepper Pot Day
  30. National Bicarbonate of Soda Day
  31. Make Up Your Mind Day; New Year’s Eve; Unlucky Day

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