In about an hour, I will be leaving for college to do my second year. Even though I will be at college, I still want to contribute to this page as much as possible. Last year, I know I didn’t post as much as I would have liked to, but college is a huge hassle. But I want to make a promise to myself, and anyone that cares to read this, that I will do my best to geek out as much as possible, and am able in the process of completing my Chemistry degree. And I’m hoping to very soon start to do reactions to some of the shows that I like and am actually watching within a week of watching said show (like I promised a while ago if anyone remembers). I’ll also be binge watching shows, but won’t do a review on it until I’m at the end of what the show I’m binge watching is. I would also love to get recommendations on some things that I should watch or read. I always need more to geek out on.

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