February 14, 2017

Okay, guys. I have been so stressed out lately. There have been so many things happening. And I’m just sooooooooo stressed out. It’s Valentine’s Day, and I am so not feeling the love. (Except for the cookies by parents got me. That was life at a time like this).

Currently, I am taking a course where my class of six is going to go to high schools and teach students how to do “science” and have them help with actual studies. That is great and all except for the fact we have to create lesson plans and all of these other things, but I have done practically everything for it. It feels that I have done the most work, outside of the professor teaching the course. I did one thing over the weekend because there was approximately one for every person. When I went back Monday to see if anyone else had done anything, there was nothing except what I had done. Keep in mind that it is literally just finding information of fill out the excel spreadsheet that I had created to hold all of the information. Nope. The logician, INTP/J (I’m about 50/50 between the P and J) in me would not let that fly. Instead of just leaving passive aggressive notes about how other people need to do things, I did the majority of what was left and created a to-do list, both with passive aggressive notes on them. I know that it is probably wrong to do so, but I just couldn’t let it go.

Another thing that I’m totally peeved about, while there is nothing I can do about it is that I need to watch about five hours worth of documentary about the Gulf War. It’s (a) going to be a total bore and (b) old. I am going to have to literally fight for the ability stay awake. I still need to do laundry.

And everyone probably knows about the Calculus class that I’m taking, but for those who don’t know, I was stupid enough to take my Calculus III class online instead of taking at 6 at night like a normal person (these were my only options, guys). Other than being about a week and a half behind, yet again, but my test is missing. And by missing I mean that I took it, got a zero, didn’t get an email from my grader like I was apparently supposed to get. I received this email and started to cry for about 20 minutes straight. My mother called be during this trying to calm be done and actually giving me the will to actually email the professor back. Since it is an online class, we have to go to a testing center, luckily I had my receipt from the to prove that I actually went to take the test. Hopefully, something good comes out of this. I’ll keep you guys up to date about this.

Talk to you guys later.


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