Reactions to RWBY Volume 5

Two weeks ago was the Volume 5 finale to RWBY. I am uploading this now to give people who do not have access to Rooster Teeth have an opportunity to watch on YouTube before having the possibility of spoilers. Thus, do not continue reading unless you are will to have something spoiled.

This volume of RWBY was super action pack with a whole bunch of things going on. At the end of every episode, I was begging for more and didn’t want it to end. This season at 14 episodes was way too short. Especially with having to weight an estimated 8 month until the next volume assuming that it starts in October like the previous volumes.

In this particular volume, all of our girls are on the way to meet back up. We get more information than we ever could have imagined from Yang’s mom, Raven as well as from Ozpin and Qrow. The amount of information overload from the three of them was somewhat overwhelming.

Some things that I am hoping for in the next season is to reintroduce Winter Schnee. She was in a few episodes in volume 3, but I want more information about her. I also want her and Weiss to confront their father and brother who disowned them for trying to be their own women. Seeing as the group is on their way to Atlas with the Relic of Knowledge. (Who else was kinda disappointed about the relic not being a apple? I mean come on. It was inside of a tree. It could have been the tree of knowledge.)

I would also like more information about Cinder. I personally don’t think she is dead. We would have seen some transfer of power I hope. Considering the fact that I believe that she would transfer the power to Ruby, as she is surely the last person Cinder would think about as she died.

On top of everything else, I need more information on Salem. Since the first volume, she has been the elusive villain that no one has a firm grasp on. From the way different characters talk about her, she is not someone to be messed with, yet she comes across as almost mild manner. It doesn’t add up. Her and Ozpin obviously have a history together as darkness and light, but I don’t think that that is the extent of it. There has to be more. There just has to be.

More predictions for the next volume:

  • Another ship will be confirmed – Last volume, Nora/Ren was confirmed. I have a feeling that another ship may be confirmed
  • Schnee face-off – I want this confrontation to happen in a public setting. From what I could see from volume 4, lots of confrontations in the family happen behind closed doors instead of in the public eye. I kinda want the land to turn against the biggest of douches, also known as Weiss’s and Winter’s father.
  • More Faunus and human conflict – These past few seasons we haven’t really seen any conflict between the Faunus and humans. It was talked about but not really shown. Now that the Wing Fang is starting to dissolve, I think this conflict may show up a bit more.
  • Tai – From the very last scene, we know that Tai is going to get involved. He probably has more information about his relationship with Raven and Summer. I have a feeling that this is going to come up, especially with Yang saying that she is going to ask more questions from now on.

That is all I have for now. At this point, I’m waiting to learn more information about how different characters are connected and why those connection were made. With how things are now, I do not expect for everything to be resolved within the next volume and do not really want it to. But until then, I have RWBY Chibi to keep me occupied.


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