Holidays in August (2019 Calendar)

Hello everybody. It’s been a while, but I actually have some time on my hands to do some things before the school year starts. I also have a pretty light semester. I am hoping that this settles out a bit so I can do what I want to do on top of what I need to do. But, we must get to the holidays. August is Peach and Water Quality Month, which are both things I love. I’m also trying this new format, so tell me what you think about it.


National Girlfriends Day; National Mountain Climbing Day; National Raspberry Cream Pie Day; Lammas; Emancipation Day (multiple countries); Gualdalcanal Province Day (Solomon Islands); Independence Day (Benin); Army Day (China); Parent’s Day (Congo Democratic Republic); Santo Domino Celebrations Start (Nicaragua); Swiss National Day (Switzerland); Colorado Day; Yorkshire Day (United Kingdom); National Mahjong Day; National Minority Donor Awareness Day; Respect for Parents Day


International Beer Day (always the first Friday); National Ice Cream Sandwich Day; Somers’ Day (Bermuda); Our Lady of Los Angeles (Costa Rica); Republic Day (Republic of Macedonia); National Coloring Book Day


Campfire Day (always the first Saurday); Grab some Nuts Day; International Hangover (always the first Saturday); Natioanl Clown Day (Saturday of International Clown Week); National Mustard Day (always the first Saturday); National Watermelon Day; Makira-Ulawa Province Day (Solomon Islands); Flag’s Day (Venezuela); Nigerian Independence Day; Farmers Day (Zambia); Martyr’s Day (Guinea-Bassau); Freedom Day; National Georgia Day; Natioanl Disc Golf Day; National Jamaican Patty Day; Mead Day


Friendship Day (always the first Sunday); International Forgiveness Day (always the first Sunday); National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day; Sisters Day (always the first Sunday); US Coast Guard Day; Celebrations of San Salvador (El Salvador); National Guard’s Day (Venezuela); Consititution Day (Cook Islands); Matice Slovenska Day (Slovakia)


National Underwear Day; Work like a Dog Day; Northern Territory Picinic Day (Australia); Bank Holiday (Iceland); National Children’s Day (Tuvalu); National Underwear Day; National Oyster Day


Wiggle your Toes Day; Independence Day (multiple countries); Festival Tuesdaay (British Virgin Islands); Celebrations of San Salvador (El Salvador); Culturama Day (Saint Kitts and Nevis); National Root Beer Float Day; National Fresh Breath Day; National Wiggle Your Toes Day; National Night Out Day


Chinese Valentines’s Day/Daughter’s Day (7th day of the 7th Lunar month); National Lighthouse Day; Chi Hsi Festival (Taiwan); The Royal St John’s Regatta (Canada); Battle of Boyaca Day (Colombia); Double Deven Festival (China)


Sneak some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day; Peasant’s Day (Tanzania); International Cat Day; National Happiness Happens Day


Book Lover’s Day; National Day (Singapore); International Day of the World’s Indigenous People; National Women’s Day (South Africa); National Rice Pudding Day; National Veep Day


Lazy Day; National S’mores Day; Last Day of Santo Domingo Celebrations (Nicaragua); National Shapewear Day; National Bowling Day; National Garage Sale Day


Presidential Joke Day; Son and Daughter Day; Tisha B’Av (mutliple countries); Father’s Day (Brazil) Waqfat Arafat Day (Kuwait); Independence Day (Chad); Turkmen Melon Day (Turkmenistan)l Mountiang Day (Japan)


Eid-Ul-Adha (varies); Middle Child’s Day; Hari Raya Haji (Malaysia); Kurban Bairam (Kazakhstan); Carnival; Lotu (Samoa); International Youth Day


Left Hander’s Day; Defence Forces Day (Zimbabwe); Women’s and Family Day (Tunisia)


National Creamsicle Day; V-J Day; Anniversary of the Recovery Oued Ed-Dahab (Morocco); Raksha Bandhan (Hindu holiday)


Feast of the Assumption; Relaxation Day; The Assumption of Mary; Malaita Province Day (Solomon Islands);  Liberation Day (South Korea); Spirit Festival (China); Independency Day (Costa Rica); Flooding of the Nile (Egypt); National Leathercraft Day; National Relaxation Day; National Lemon Meringue Pie


National Tell a Joke Day; Restoration Day (Dominican Republic); National Rum Day; National Roller Coaster Day; National Airborn Day


National Honey Bee Awareness Day (always the third Saturday); National Thriftshop Day; Flag Day (Bolicia); Slovenians in Prekmurje Incorporated into the Mother Nation Day; Independence Day (Gabon); Black Cat Appreciation Day; World Honey Bee Day


Bad Poetry Day; World Daffodil Day; National Fajita Day; National Mail Order Catalog Day; National Ice Cream Pie Day


Aviation Day; National Potato Day; San Martin Day (Argentina); World Humanitarian Day; Constitution Day (Anguilla); International Bow Day; National Soft Ice Cream Day


National Radio Day; World Mosquito Day; Hungary National Day; Independence Restoration Day (Estonia); Anniversary of the Revoplution of the King and the People (Morocco); National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day


National Spumoni Day; Senior Citizen’s Day; Youth Day (Morocco); Ninoy Aquino Day (Philippines); National Pecan Torte Day


Be an Angel Day; National Tooth Fairy Day


Ride the Wind Day; International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and Abolition; National Sponge Cake Day


Vesuvius Day; National Parks’ Day (Costa Rica); Flag Day (Liberia); National Peach Pie Day


Kiss and Make Up Day; Independence Day (Uraguay), Youth’s Day (Mongolia); National Banana Split Day


National Dog Day; Women’s Equality Day; National Day of Repentance (Papua New Guinea); National Cherry Popsicle Day


Global Forgiveness Day; Just Because Day; Independence Day (Moldova)


Race your Mouse Day; National Power Rangers Day; National Bow Tie Day; National Cherry Turnovers Day; Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day


More Herbs, Less Salt Day; Internationala Day against Nuclear Tests; National Sports Day (India); National Chop Suey Day


Frankenstein Day; Toasted Marshmallow Day; National College Colors Day; Santa Rosa De Lima (Peru)


International Bacond Day (always the Sunday before Labor Day); National Eat Outside Day; National Trail Mix Day; International Overdoes Awareness Day

Sources: Holiday Insights, Holidays Calendar

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