Holidays in January (2020 Calendar)

It’s that time of the year again, where we pretend that everything is going to change and it really isn’t. The time where you stick to your resolutions for a couple of weeks before you inevitably give up. Trust me, I usually one of those people. We also come to the time of the month that I tell you the names of a whole bunch of holidays and y’all can decide if you want to celebrate them or not. I just like knowing what they are. I am also hoping that I’m around more this year. Last year is behind me and I hope to keep it there. But without further ado, here are the holidays for the month of January.


New Year’s Day; National Hangover Day; Feast of the Holy Family (Spain); National Bloody Mary Day


Run up the Flagpole and See if Anyone Salutes Day; National Science Fiction Day; National Buffet Day; National Cream Puff Day


Festival of Sleep Day; Fruitcake Toss Day; Humiliation Day; National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day; National Drinking Straw Day


National Spaghetti Day; Trivia Day; World Braille Day; Day of King Amador (Sao Tome and Principle)


Feast of the Epiphany – Three Kings (date varies); National Bird Day


Bean Day; Cuddle Up Day; National Shortbread Day; National Thank God It’s Monday Day; Orthodox Christmas Eve


Old Rock Day; Orthodox Christmas Day; International Programmers’ Day; National Bobble-head Day; National Tempura Day


Bubble Bath Day; Male Watcher’s Day; National Take the Stairs Day (always the second Wednesday); English Toffee Day; National Joy Germ Day; National Winter Skin Relief Day


Play God Day; Apricot Day; Law Enforcement Appreciation Day; Static Electricity Day


Bittersweet Chocolate Day; Houseplant Appreciation Day; Peculiar People Day; Cut Your Energy Costs Day


Learn Your Name in Morse Code day; Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend’s Day; Milk Day; Human Trafficking Awareness Day; National Vision Board Day


Feast of the Fabulous Wild Men Day; National Pharmacist Day; Kiss a Ginger Day


International Skeptics Day; Make Your Dream Come True Day; National Rubber Duckie Day; Korean American Day; Sticker Day; Peach Melba Day; Clean Off Your Desk Day


Dress Up Your Pet Day; Shop for Travel Day


National Bagel Day; National Hat Day; Booch Day; Strawberry Ice Cream Day


Appreciate a Dragon Day; National Nothing Day; Teacher’s Day (Thailand); Without a Scalpel Day; Religious Freedom Day; Fig Newton Day


Ditch New Years Resolutions Day; Bootlegger’s Day; Hot Buttered Rum Day


Thesaurus Day; Winne the Pooh Day; Peking Duck Day


National Popcorn Day; National Tin Can Day; World Religious Day; World Quark Day


Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday (always the third Monday); National Butter-crunch Day; National Cheese Lover Day; Penguin Awareness Day


National Hugging Day; Squirrel Appreciation Day


National Blonde Brownie Day


National Pie Day; National Handwriting Day; Measure Your Feet Day


Beer Can Appreciation Day; Compliment Day; Global Belly Laugh Day; Vietnamese New Year’s Eve


Chinese New Years (date varies); National Seed Swap Day (always the last Saturday); Opposite Day; Lunar New Year


Australia Day; Spouse’s Day; International Customs Day; World Leprosy Day; Green Juice Day; Peanut Brittle Day


International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust; Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (always the last Monday); Chocolate Cake Day; Punch the Clock Day


Data Privacy Day; Fun at Work Day; National Kazoo Day; Blueberry Pancake Day; Plan for Vacation Day


National Puzzle Day; National Corn Chip Day


National Inane Answering Message Day, Croissant Day


Backward Day; Inspire Your Heart with Art Day; Hot Chocolate Day; Big Wig Day


Sources: Holidays Insights; Holiday’s Calendar

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