February 7, 2017

I’m writing this at a time where I’m trying to stay awake, yet ridiculously tired at the same time, so sorry in advance if there are some things that just make absolutely no sense.

I’m at that point right now where I feel like I have done everything, yet nothing at all. It is horrifying when I go back to my to-do list and see that I have gotten things done, yet I have so much left to do. Maybe it’s because I’m too stressed out. I need more time to do things, yet there are not enough hours in the day to do things, especially when I’m as tired as a am. I feel like I need caffeine to stay awake. It also could be the app on my computer. It reduces the blue light on my computer. I should really turn that off when I have homework to do to keep me awake, except that I stay up late when I do homework so that probably would work since I need more sleep. Tonight will probably be an early night after I do laundry. Also, like an absolute nerd, I’ve been watching Power Rangers: Dino Thunder. It is my childhood and is super cheesy, and I can’t find a reason to care. I am doing in symbolic protest of the new Power Rangers movie that is coming out that has none of the feelings of the original series. It feels like everyone is trying to get on the train of making childhood favorites into a more mature version of themselves, which I disagree with to some extent. Yes, characters should age with the audience that it is aimed towards, yet they should still have the same feeling that gravitated an audience towards them. This is every similar to by feelings towards the DC Movieverse, especially towards the Joker. The Joker was one of my favorite villains in DC. And then he was made very dark, and I didn’t get the same feeling from the character anymore. Yes, the Joker is crazy but it wasn’t completely crazy if that makes any sense. Hopefully, it does, or at least someone kinda sorta gets in. I also kinda want to know if anyone feels this way, especially when a movie or television company reboots a franchise that doesn’t need to be rebooted. *cough* Avatar: The Last Airbender *cough* Sorry, I don’t know where that cough came from. But I’m going to leave in here. More things to check off of my checklist.


P.S.: I mean the movie and not Korra. Just wanted to make that clear.

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