Monopoly on Steriods

Anyone who knows me¬†knows that one of my favorite board games is the infamous “Monopoly.” And how could it not be? It is a game filled with trying to screw everyone over. Yes, it can take hours, but that is part of the fun. Now imagine my surprise when I find out the there is the a version of the game on the Wii, and it has been super sized. In this new version of Monopoly known as “Fortune Street,” not only do you have to buy a bunch of properties, you are introduced to more than the classic square board. You are introduced to boards that move around and transport you all over the screen and buying properties in a district help the rent grow. Not only that, but you can now buy stocks. The “stock market” in this game can make or break you, by buying a lot of stocks while they are low and then making it crash by selling a bunch of your shares. This game just makes the wonderful game of Monopoly so much better and go where you may or may not have wanted it to.

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