The Sailor’s Life is Not for Me

Recently, I had the pleasure of picking of the wonderfully book entitled Billy Budd by Herman Melville. I was was so inspiring and brought out pure emotion. A tear almost ran down my cheek.

Okay, I’m done pulling your leg.

This book was just absolutely terrible. Yes, it is a short book, and yes, the subject was new to me, but I was just absolutely confused by what was going on. At the end, I went straight to Google to look up what in the world had just happened. Even reading the plot summaries left me confused. I could pick up and remember some of the things mentioned from the book, but overall, I just trusted the internet, and how could I not. If you could get through this book and fully understand what was going on (without going to Spark Notes), more power to you. There was a reason that the author did not send this book to the publisher, and after reading the book, I wouldn’t have sent it either.

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