Saving Our Island

Recently, and by recently I mean over Summer Break, I watched Moana. And it was amazing. Disney has been so on point recently, it pains me to think about Disney Channel Original movies. (Those still hurt my heart.) I loved it in a kinda ironic way. It made fun of some tropes while still using those same tropes, aka the Princess trope. That was pure gold to me. If you hadn’t seen it, even though you probably have at this point, go watch it. It might even be close to being on Netflix. The musical numbers were so amazing that I am still listening to the soundtrack, even though one of the songs in the film looked like an Alice and Wonderland LCD trip. (You all know which one I’m talking about.)

But seriously, who ships Moana and Maui?┬áSeriously…why is that ship a thing.


Click here if you want to be blinded.

But seriously, this movie was amazing. Go watch or watch it again. My favorite character, personally, was the chicken. He was just awesome. I even liked it better than Moana sometimes. (Don’t kill me.) I’ve been wanting to paint a watercolor painting. hmm… This might be where that came from.


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