Tale So, So Old

Last weekend, I watched the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast and loved it. It might have been the nostalgia on overdrive, but I couldn’t get enough of it. I felt like I was watching the original movie again. I hope I wasn’t annoying people with my singing of all of the songs from the original. The new songs were also fabulous. I’ve been listening to one of them on repeat in between listening to the Moana soundtrack.

Now for some spoilers. (Can they there really be spoilers at this point. Yes. Yes, there are.) I’ll wait.

Alright, since people have left, here are some spoilers. If you haven’t left, that’s your problem.

First, I loved the raging on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. It was beautiful. I also found it hilarious that the entire reveal of the library that was was so ready for was because the Beast was telling Belle that she needed to have better taste in books. I was almost rolling.

Second, I almost cried a couple of times. The thing that got me the most was when the final flower petal dropped and all of the staff-turned-objects became completely inanimate. It was sadder that Toy Story 3. Also, Gaston shooting the beast stilled my heart. Because of how close it had gotten, I was almost crying that it was way to graphic for me, keeping in mind that I can binge watch Criminal Minds and other procedural cop shows. The movie just got to me.

Another scene I just loved was when Belle was about the leave the beast to die in the woods. I know it sounds terrible, but I felt that it showed more of her character, especially since he was hell-bent on returning home. That almost quick thought of just leaving him there was just too perfect for me. Also, afterward, we learn that the Beast is pretty much a little boy in a man’s body. (Be still my heart). Maybe that is why I felt that him getting shot was graphic… And then there was when Belle called the castle home. GAAH!!! I know that was a huge jump in info, but I’m a romantic a heart, ironically enough. I always need my ships to get together in the end.

I’m going to make my final point now: I loved how everything looked. Recently, I’ve been really into looking at architecture, so it, especially the change tickled my fancy.

I know that I loved this film, but I found a funny raging on the film. Click here to watch it. Warning: this is some language, but I was laughing my way through the video. It is done by a critic a watch a lot of and his brother. Hopefully, it doesn’t trigger anyone.

Saving Our Island

Recently, and by recently I mean over Summer Break, I watched Moana. And it was amazing. Disney has been so on point recently, it pains me to think about Disney Channel Original movies. (Those still hurt my heart.) I loved it in a kinda ironic way. It made fun of some tropes while still using those same tropes, aka the Princess trope. That was pure gold to me. If you hadn’t seen it, even though you probably have at this point, go watch it. It might even be close to being on Netflix. The musical numbers were so amazing that I am still listening to the soundtrack, even though one of the songs in the film looked like an Alice and Wonderland LCD trip. (You all know which one I’m talking about.)

But seriously, who ships Moana and Maui? Seriously…why is that ship a thing.


Click here if you want to be blinded.

But seriously, this movie was amazing. Go watch or watch it again. My favorite character, personally, was the chicken. He was just awesome. I even liked it better than Moana sometimes. (Don’t kill me.) I’ve been wanting to paint a watercolor painting. hmm… This might be where that came from.


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