Not Your Typical Vampire Pt. 4

Standard Disclaimer: If you have not read the book or previous review, please move away quickly. Spoilers ahead.

In the previous book, Sam (I’m going to be calling her that for now on) had to make tough decisions surrounding her son. Her son is dying from a horrible illness of which I cannot name but sounds really painful. At the same time, she is getting calls from a little girl who had gone missing months previously. Sam is on the case and meets some very interesting people while trying to figure out the secrets of a medallion that came from her sire (the person who turned her).

In this one, Sam tries to take care of her son the best way possible while trying to unravel the mysteries of the medallion. While trying to figure it out, there are people afoot both helping and hindering her investigation. Sam’s personal views on vampirism also come into play.

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