Not Your Typical Vampire Pt. 5

Standard Disclaimer: Do not read this review unless you have read this book or read the last review. There are spoilers. You have been warned.

In the previous book, Sam (our awesome vampire mom) has to deal with her dying son. After doing research into the special medallion given to her by her sire, she discovers that it has been rumored to turn a vampire back into a human. In a desperate attempt to save her son, she turns her son into a vampire. Remembering that it took four days for her vampiric urges kick in, she figures that she has that amount of time to discover that cure. Along the way, Sam meets some very interesting people including one vampire that desperately wants to die and is doing absolutely to get his hands on the medallion, including kidnapping a child. Sam eventually gets the answers she is looking for as well as getting away from the kidnapper. After saving her son, it seems like life is back to normal.

In this one, Sam is still trying to figure out the world that surrounds her. During the case, she learns more about both her powers and the world of vampires around her, and it’s not completely for the best. The book has a lot of suspense that keeps you on the edge of your seat. There were also some extra inserts that made no sense until I realized that there are side-stories that go alongside the series. From what I found out from this book, they aren’t necessary to the series, but since I got a really good deal on some of those books, I will be really them anyways. Hopefully, they are as the other books.

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