When Birds Attack

Over the course of this quarantine, I have continued watching amazingly bad movies. As of writing this post, I have watched the entirety of the Birdemic series. For those who have never heard of this series, it is a really bad attempt at having an environmental message. Both movies center around birds coming and attacking people because they are mad at global warming. Yes, that is the premise of both movies.

The thing about both movies is that even though I have told you the summary of the entire movie, you are still going to have to wait about forty minutes for anything to happen. In the first movie, Birdemic: Shock and Terror, a good portion of the movie watching the protagonist drive to work, fill up his gas tank, and get stuck in traffic. For a movie about saving the environment, a lot of time is spent driving. That and protagonist and a flat board of nothingness. Also, the CGI is utterly atrocious, but that is part of the fun.

The second movie, Birdemic 2: The resurrection, the protagonist spends the majority of his time getting from place to place on foot, so there is an improvement. Also, he does show emotion. It’s really creepy but is an improvement over a flat board. The majority of the second movie revolves around call-backs from the previous movie. Not much was added, but references. I would say the second movie is a bit better because it is more self-aware of how crazy everything is.

Love bad movies, most definitely check this series out. Both movies are on Amazon for your viewing pleasure.

Merging the Kingdom Back Together

A new merging game that has recently dropped on the GooglePlay store is Wild Kingdom. In essence, you are the new ruler of this kingdom and have to build it back up with the help of a sketchy assistant. The game is currently in early access, but I still feel that there is nothing to really show for the game overall. I really like the art style. It’s very Disney-like, similar to Robin Hood. I just can’t really tell if I would enjoy this game in the long run. It took me twenty minutes to get to the point in the early access where I literally can do nothing more. So far, I’m neutral about the game. I would definitely like to see more to see if I couldn’t enjoy the game long term. If they make more, I might come back to see how much it has changed, but for right now, I can’t really recommend it.

Manifesting Destiny

One of the many idle games that I have on my phone is a game known as Idle Frontier. The first thing that attracted me to the game was cute illustrations. It looks a bit like the types of books that I would have read when I was younger. Idle games are kind of my thing. I like being able to just to due a couple of things for a bit of time, come back a couple of hours later, and be further in the game. It’s the standard idle game with achievements that gives you extra bonuses. My one problem with this game is that there is this loot box system. You have a random chance of getting manager cards of which is needed to automate everything for when you are away. As you get farther in the game, you have to level up these managers, which is by random chance. I’m okay with putting in the work first hand, but later on, I just want to let the game work itself. Overall, the game is okay. I think that if you enjoy constantly putting in the work overtime, go ahead. I’m pretty neutral overall.

If you want to try this game out, download the app for Andriod and iOS.

Modern Jurassic Era

Let me preface this by saying that I love terrible movies. The lower the IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes score, the better. That is what led me to watch Velocipastor. I spent the entire movie laughing at the movie with my friends, while still practicing social distancing. I honestly can’t tell if this movie was purposely bad or accidentally bad. Either way, it was hilarious.

The movie starts with a young priest needing to get away from the church in small-town America for a bit after the death of his parents. After driving to China, he comes across a woman being chased by a ninja for a stone that she possesses. On her death bed, she gives the stone to our priest and he ends back up in America. Turns out, this stone allows him to turn into a dinosaur. One night, he saves a prostitute who later convinces him to use his powers to help save people. That is where the story begins.

I’m pretty sure from the small description that I gave you, you can figure out where some things are heading towards. The Christianity piece of the movie doesn’t add anything to the movie. Honestly, it makes things more ridiculous if you actually think about it. Also, there’s a Vietnam flashback… for reasons. If this sounds interesting to you, I would definitely recommend watching this. Even if you think this is stupid, I would still recommend you watch it because honestly seeing is believing when it comes to this movie.

Holidays in April (2020 Calendar)

Another month has come and gone in 2020. I’ve been going a bit stir crazy staying at home. Not that I was going out and about anyways, it was just that I would set up in different places in my house. Now that the rest of my family is also stuck at home, I’ve been staying in my room all day. I’m actually getting pretty tired of it. My bedroom walls are white with nothing on them. But enough about my pain, on to the holidays for the month of April.


April Fool’s Day; Atheist Day; International Fun at Work Day; International Tatting Day; National Walking Day (first Wednesday)


Children’s Book Day; National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day; Reconciliation Day


Don’t Go to Work Unless it’s Fun Day; Find a Rainbow Day; National Walk to Work Day (first Friday); Tweed Day; World Party Day


Hug a Newsman Day; Walk Around Things Day; School Librarian Day; Tell a Lie Day; World Rat Day


Palm Sunday (varies); Go for Broke Day; National Dandelion Day; Read a Road Map Day


California Poppy Day; National Tartan Day; New Beer’s Eve; Plan Your Epitaph Day; Sorry Charlie Day; Teflon Day


Caramel Popcorn Day; International Beaver Day; National Beer Day; No Housework Day; World Health Day


All is Ours Day; Draw a Picture of a Bird Day; Passover begins (date varies); Zoo Lover’s Day


Name Yourself Day; Winston Churchill Day


Golfer’s Day; Good Friday (date varies); National Siblings Day


Eight Track Tape Day; Barbershop Quartet Day; National Submarine Day


Big Wind Day; Easter Sunday; Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day; National Licorice Day; Russian Cosmonaut Day; Walk on Your Wild Side Day


Dyngus Day (Monday after Easter); International Plant Appreciation Day; National Peach Cobbler Day; Scrabble Day


Ex-Spouse Day; International Moment of Laughter Day; Look up at the Sky Day; National Dolphin Day; National Pecan Day; Reach as High as You Can Day


Rubber Eraser Day; That Sucks Day; Titanic Remembrance Day; World Art Day


Mushroom Day; National Bean Counter Day; National Eggs Benedict Day; National High Five Day (third Thursday); National Librarian Day; National Stress Awareness Day; Save the Elephant Day


Bat Appreciation Day; Blah, Blah, Blah Day; International Haiku Poetry; National Cheeseball Day; Pet Owners Independence Day


Husband Appreciation Day (third Saturday); International Juggler’s/Multi-tasking Day; Newspaper Columnists Day


National Garlic Day


Chinese Language Day; Look Alike Day; Patriot’s Day (third Monday); Volunteer Recognition Day


Kindergarten Day


Administrative Professional’s Day (date varies); Earth Day; Girl Scout Leader Day; National Jelly Bean Day


Lover’s Day; National Zucchini Bread Day; Ramadan begins; Take a Chance Day; Take Your Daughter to Work (fourth Thursday); World Laboratory Day


Arbor Day (last Friday); Pig in a Blanket Day


East Meets West Day; National DNA Day; World Penguin Day


Hug an Australian Day; National Pretzel Day; Richter Scale Day


Babe Ruth Day; Morse Code Day; National Prime Rib Day; Tell a Story Day


International Astronomy Day; Great Poetry Reading Day; Kiss Your Mate Day


Greenery Day; National Shrimp Scampi Day; National Zipper Day


Hairstyle Appreciation Day; National Honesty Day; National Mahjong Day

Source: Holiday Insights (I only have one source this time because I didn’t have enough time leading up to this. So sorry. I’m trying to do better this month.)