Generating Internet Points

I think that a lot of people, including myself, are feeling kind of helpless in today’s world for a variety of reasons. There are just a lot of problems out there and sometimes it feels like you cannot do anything. As a student who is in-between schooling right now, I feel that I can’t really afford to spend money, even on things that I feel are really good causes. But what if I told you that you could support different charities and causes, by doing what you’re doing right now: surfing the internet. There is a chrome extension know as Tab for a Cause. What it does it give you ads every time you open a new tab. Using the points that those ads generate, you can gift those points to organizations that you want to support. One of the first things that I was worried about was how annoying the ads would be, as are most people. Honestly, after the first week, I stopped noticing the ads. They’re off to the side and you don’t really see them. Truly gives you time to think about that random thing that you want to search google for.

If you would like to join me in my quest to help the world, you can join using my link here. Also, share with your friends if you would like to spread the world. It’s 100% free.

The Animal Rescue Site

If you are like me, you want to help with different causes. You really do. Unfortunately for many causes, you have to donate a lot of time and money, something that often times I cannot afford. Because of this, I am often times looking for different causes that don’t cost a lot of time or money for me to be able to participate in. One such causes that I found is the Animal Rescue Site. It is their mission to help animals that are in animals shelters with needs such as food and vaccinations. Understanding that not everyone can contribute large sums of money to them, on their site, they have a large purple button, that by clicking it, you can donate some food to some of the shelters that they sponsor. I make sure to have this site up all the time so that I can make sure to click that button every day. They also have a list of more free things that you can do to help them, and also have a store so that you can purchase some swag that can help them further if you are able to contribute more to them. By doing this, it only takes a few seconds to help an animal an animal in need. Just browse their site, so that you can see the variety¬†of things that they do and see how you can help out more.

If you have other causes that are good to support, let me know. I’m always looking for more things to do, so being able to help out even with little things over a long time can make a huge difference.