Holidays in July (2018 Calendar)

It’s been a really long time since I’ve done one of these, and I really want to get back to them. July is the National Blueberry Month, Ice Cream Month and a month that you shouldn’t get married in apparently. Also, the second week of the month is Nude Recreation Week, if you are interested in that type of thing.


  • Build a Scarecrow Day (always the first Sunday of the month)
  • Canada Day/Dominion Day
  • Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day
  • International Chicken Wing Day
  • International Joke Day
  • National Postal Worker Day
  • National US Postage Stamp Day
  • National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day
  • National Gingersnap Day


  • I Forgot Day
  • World UFO Day
  • National Anisette Day


  • Compliment Your Mirror Day
  • Disobedience Day
  • Eat Beans Day
  • Stay out of the Sun Day
  • National Fried Clam Day
  • National Chocolate Wafer Day


  • Independence Day (US)
  • National Country Music Day
  • Sidewalk Egg Frying Day
  • National Barbecued Spareribs Day
  • National Caesar Salad Day


  • National Apple Turnover Day
  • National Bikini Day
  • Work-a-holics Day
  • National Hawaii Day
  • National Graham Cracker Day


  • National Kissing Day
  • National Fried Chicken Day


  • Chocolate Day
  • International Cherry Pit Spitting Day (always the first Saturday of the month)
  • National Strawberry Sundae Day
  • National Dive Bar Day
  • National Father-Daughter Take a Walk Day
  • National Macaroni Day
  • Hop-a-Park Day (always the first Saturday of the month)


  • Body Painting Day
  • National Blueberry Day
  • Video Games Day
  • National Chocolate with Almonds Day


  • National Sugar Cookie Day


  • Pick Blueberries Day
  • Teddy Bear Picnic Day
  • National Clerihew Day
  • National Pina Colada Day


  • Cheer up the Lonely Day
  • National Blueberry Muffins Day
  • World Population Day
  • National Rainier Cherry Day
  • All American Pet Photo Day
  • National Mojito Day
  • National 7-Eleven day


  • Different Colored Eyes Day
  • Pecan Pie Day
  • National Simplicity Day
  • Paper Bag Day
  • Eat Your Jello Day


  • Barbershop Music Appreciation Day
  • Embrace Your Geekness Day
  • Fool’s Paradise Day
  • Friday the 13th
  • National French Fries Day
  • National Delaware Day
  • National Beans ‘N’ Franks Day


  • Bastille Day
  • Pandemonium Day
  • National Nude Day
  • Shark Awareness Day
  • National Grand Marnier Day
  • National Tape Measure Day
  • National Mac and Cheese Day
  • Collector Car Appreciation Day (changes every year)


  • Be a Dork Day
  • Cow Appreciation
  • National Ice Cream Day (always the third Sunday of the month)
  • Tapioca Pudding Day
  • National Give Something Away Day
  • National I Love Horses Day
  • National Pet Fire Safety Day


  • Fresh Spinach Day
  • Global Hug Your Kids Day (always the third Monday of the month)
  • World Snake Day
  • National Corn Fritters Day
  • National Personal Chef’s Day
  • National Get Out of the Dog House Day (always the third Monday of the month)


  • Peach Ice Cream Day
  • World Emoji Day
  • Yellow Pig Day
  • National Tattoo Day
  • Wrong Way Corrigan Day


  • National Caviar Day
  • National Hot Dog Day (always the third Wednesday of the month)
  • National Sour Candy Day
  • National Caviar Day


  • National Daiquiri Day
  • National Raspberry Cake Day
  • Get to Know Your Customers Day (always the third Thursday of a quarter)


  • National Ice Cream Soda Day
  • National Lollipop Day
  • Moon Day
  • Ugly Truck Day
  • National Pennsylvania


  • National Junk Food Day
  • National Be Someone Day
  • National Strawberry Rhubarb Wine Day (always the third Saturday of the month)
  • Toss Away the “Could Haves” and “Should Haves” Day (always the third Saturday of the month)


  • Hammock Day
  • Parent’s Day (always the fourth Sunday of the month)
  • Ratcatcher’s Day
  • National Penuche Fudge Day


  • Vanilla Ice Cream Day


  • Amelia Earheart Day
  • Cousins Day
  • National Tequila Day
  • Tell an Old Joke Day
  • National Thermal Engineer Day
  • National Drive-Thru Day


  • Culinarians Day
  • Threading the Needle Day
  • National Hire a Veteran Day
  • National Merry-Go-Round Day
  • National Hot Fudge Sundae Day
  • National Wine and Cheese Day


  • ¬†All or Nothing Day
  • Aunt and Uncle Day
  • National Bagelfest Day
  • National Coffee Milkshake Day
  • National Refreshment Day (always the fourth Thursday of the month)
  • National Chili Dog Day (always the last Thursday of the month)


  • System Administrator Appreciation Day (always the last Friday of the month)
  • Take Your Houseplants for a Walk
  • Take Your Pants for a Walk
  • National New Jersey Day
  • National Scotch Day
  • National Creme Brulee Day
  • National Get Gnarly Day (always the last Friday of the month)
  • National Talk in an Elevator Day (always the last Friday of the month)


  • National Day of the Cowboy (always the fourth Saturday of the month)
  • National Milk Chocolate Day
  • National Waterpark day
  • Buffalo Soldiers Day
  • National Dance Day (always the last Saturday of the month)


  • International Tiger Day
  • National Chicken Wing Day
  • National Lasagna Day
  • National Lipstick Day


  • National Cheesecake Day
  • Father-in-Law Day
  • International Day of Friendship
  • National Whistleblower Day


  • Mutt’s Day
  • National Avacado Day
  • National Raspberry Cake Day



Holidays in July (2015 Calendar)

So, we have been out of school for nearly a month for those of us who actually still are in school, and apparently July is National Anti-Boredom Month. I am usually bored within a couple of days, so July, you need to come up with a way to keep my interest.

Once again, I am getting my information from Holiday Insights ( I just find the holidays here so interesting.

  1. Canada Day; Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day; International Joke Day
  2. I Forgot Day; World UFO Day
  3. Compliment Your Mirror Day; Disobedience Day; Stay out of the Sun Day
  4. Independence Day (for the US); National Country Music Day; Sidewalk Egg Frying Day
  5. Build a Scarecrow Day (always the first Sunday); Work-a-holics Day
  6. National Fried Chicken Day
  7. Chocolate Day; National Strawberry Sundae Day
  8. Video Games Day
  9. National Sugar Cookie Day
  10. Teddy Bear Picnic Day
  11. Cheer up the Lonely Day; World Population Day
  12. Different Colored Eyes Day; Pecan Pie Day
  13. Barbershop Music Appreciation Day; Embrace Your Geekness Day; Fool’s Paradise Day
  14. Bastille Day; Pandemonium Day, National Nude Day (please celebrate legally, inside your house)
  15. Tapioca Pudding Day; Cow Appreciation Day
  16. Fresh Spinach Day
  17. Peach Ice Cream Day; Yellow Pig Day
  18. National Caviar Day
  19. National Ice Cream Day (always the third Sunday); National Raspberry Cake Day
  20. National Lollipop Day; Moon Day; Ugly Truck Day
  21. National Junk Food Day
  22. Hammock Day; Ratcatcher’s Day
  23. National Hot Dog Day; Vanilla Ice Cream Day
  24. Amelia Earhart Day
  25. Cousins Day; Culinarians Day; Threading the Needle Day
  26. All or Nothing Day; Aunt and Uncle Day; Parent’s Day (always the forth Saturday)
  27. Take Your Pants for a Walk Day
  28. National Milk Chocolate Day
  29. National Lasagna Day
  30. National Cheesecake Day; Father-in-Law Day
  31. Mutt’s Day
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