Holidays in July (2015 Calendar)

So, we have been out of school for nearly a month for those of us who actually still are in school, and apparently July is National Anti-Boredom Month. I am usually bored within a couple of days, so July, you need to come up with a way to keep my interest.

Once again, I am getting my information from Holiday Insights ( I just find the holidays here so interesting.

  1. Canada Day; Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day; International Joke Day
  2. I Forgot Day; World UFO Day
  3. Compliment Your Mirror Day; Disobedience Day; Stay out of the Sun Day
  4. Independence Day (for the US); National Country Music Day; Sidewalk Egg Frying Day
  5. Build a Scarecrow Day (always the first Sunday); Work-a-holics Day
  6. National Fried Chicken Day
  7. Chocolate Day; National Strawberry Sundae Day
  8. Video Games Day
  9. National Sugar Cookie Day
  10. Teddy Bear Picnic Day
  11. Cheer up the Lonely Day; World Population Day
  12. Different Colored Eyes Day; Pecan Pie Day
  13. Barbershop Music Appreciation Day; Embrace Your Geekness Day; Fool’s Paradise Day
  14. Bastille Day; Pandemonium Day, National Nude Day (please celebrate legally, inside your house)
  15. Tapioca Pudding Day; Cow Appreciation Day
  16. Fresh Spinach Day
  17. Peach Ice Cream Day; Yellow Pig Day
  18. National Caviar Day
  19. National Ice Cream Day (always the third Sunday); National Raspberry Cake Day
  20. National Lollipop Day; Moon Day; Ugly Truck Day
  21. National Junk Food Day
  22. Hammock Day; Ratcatcher’s Day
  23. National Hot Dog Day; Vanilla Ice Cream Day
  24. Amelia Earhart Day
  25. Cousins Day; Culinarians Day; Threading the Needle Day
  26. All or Nothing Day; Aunt and Uncle Day; Parent’s Day (always the forth Saturday)
  27. Take Your Pants for a Walk Day
  28. National Milk Chocolate Day
  29. National Lasagna Day
  30. National Cheesecake Day; Father-in-Law Day
  31. Mutt’s Day

Holidays in May (2015 Calendar)

Is everyone ready to celebrate National Salad Month? Probably not, but lucky for you meat eats out there it is also National Barbecue Month. Also, take your best pictures for National Photograph Month. And be honest. How many of those pictures are selfies? We are all guilty of it.

The daily holidays for this month, brought to your by Holiday Insights ( are:

  1. International Tube Day (always the first Friday); May Day; Loyalty Day; Mother Goose Day; Save the Rhino Day; Space Day (always the first Friday)
  2. Baby Day; Brothers and Sisters Day
  3. Lumpy Rug Day; World Press Freedom Day
  4. Bird Day; National Candied Orange Peek Day; Renewal Day; Stat Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you!)
  5. Cinco de Mayo; National Hoagie Day; Oyster Day; National Teachers Day (always Tuesday in the first full week)
  6. Beverage Day; National Tourist Appreciation Day; National Nurses Day; No Diet Day; School Nurses Day (the Wednesday of Nurse’s Week)
  7. National Tourism Day
  8. Iris Day; Military Spouses Day (always the Friday before Mother’s Day); No Socks Day; V-E Day; World Red Cross Day; Workd Red Crescent Day
  9. Birth Mother’s Day (always the Saturday before Mother’s Day); International Migratory Bird Day (always the second Saturday); Lost Sock Memorial Day; National Train Day (varies)
  10. Mother’s Day (always the second Sunday)
  11. Eat What You Want Day; Twilight Zone Day
  12. Fatigue Syndrome Day; International Nurses Day; Limerick Day
  13. Frog Jumping Day; Leprechaun Day; National Receptionist Day( always the second Wednesday)
  14. Dance Like a Chicken Day
  15. National Bike to Work Day (always the third Friday)
  16. National Chocolate Chip Day; Police Officer’s Memorial Day; Armed Forces Day (always the third Saturday; Love a Tree Day; National Sea Monkey Day; Wear Purple for Peace Day
  17. Pack Rat Day
  18. International Museum Day; No Dirty Dishes Day; Visit Your Relatives Day
  19. Boy’s Club Day
  20. Be a Millionaire Day; Pick Strawberries Day
  21. National Memo Day; National Waiters and Waitresses Day
  22. Buy a Musical Instrument Day
  23. International Jazz Day
  24. National Escargot Day
  25. Memorial Day (always the last Monday);National Missing Children’s Day; Tap Dance Day; Victoria Day for Canada (usually the 24th)
  26. Sally Ride Day
  27. Sun Screen Day
  28. Amnesty International Day
  29. Learn About Composing Day
  30. Water a Flower Day
  31. National Macaroon Day; Save Your Hearing Day; World No Tobacco Day

Holidays in April (2015 Calendar)

May I be one of the people that say April Fools. I will be one of the people that will not play any tricks on you. Or will I?

Any way April is National Humor Month (today makes sense now), Stress Awareness Month and International Guitar Month. And now the daily holidays are brought to you my Holiday Insights (

  1. April Fool’s Day; International Fun at Work Day; International Tatting Day
  2. Children’s Book Day; National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day; Reconciliation Day
  3. Don’t Go to Work Unless it’s Fun Day; Tweed Day
  4. Walk Around Things Day; School Librarian Day; Tell a Lie Day
  5. Easter (varies); Go for Broke Day
  6. Dyngus Day (always the Monday after Easter); Plan Your Epitaph Day; Sorry Charlie Day
  7. No Housework Day; World Health Day
  8. All is Ours Day; Draw a Picture of a Bird Day
  9. Name Yourself Day; Winston Churchill Day
  10. Golfer’s Day; National Siblings Day
  11. Eight Track Tape Day; Barbershop Quartet Day; National Submarine Day
  12. Big Wind Day; Russian Cosmonaut Day
  13. Scrabble Day
  14. Ex-Spouse Day; International Moment of Laughter Day; Look up at the Sky Day; National Pecan Day; Reach as High as You Can Day
  15. Rubber Eraser Day; Titanic Remembrance Day
  16. National Eggs Benedict Day; National Stress Awareness Day; National Librarian Day; National High Five Day (always the third Thursday)
  17. Bat Appreciation Day; Blah, Blah, Blah Day; National Cheeseball Day; Pet Owners Independence Day
  18. International Juggler’s Day; Newspaper Columnists Day
  19. National Garlic Day
  20. Look Alike Day; Patriot’s Day (always the third Monday); Volunteer Recognition Day
  21. Kindergarten Day
  22. Administrative Professionals Day (varies); Girl Scout Leader Day; National Jelly Bean Day
  23. Lover’s Day; National Zucchini Bread Day; Take a Chance Day; World Laboratory; Take Your Daughter to Work (always the fourth Thursday)
  24. Pig in a Blanket Day
  25. East Meets West Day; World Penguin Day
  26. Hug an Australian Day; National Pretzel Day; Richter Scale Day
  27. Babe Ruth Day; National Prime Rib Day; Tell a Story Day
  28. International Astronomy Day; Great Poetry Reading Day; Kiss Your Mate Day
  29. Greenery Day; National Shrimp Scampi Day
  30. Hairstyle Appreciation Day; National Honesty Day

Questions for Saint Patrick’s Day.

  1. Does everything you eat have to be green?
  2. Will you still pinch me if I say I have green sock but can’t see them?
  3. Are you really Irish, or do you just want a kiss?
  4. How does one truly celebrate the festival of green?


The amazing holiday of celebrating a irrational number has come, Pi day. Please join me by doing random math and logic problems as wells as eating for favorite type of pie. My favorite is apple, but what is yours.

Two In a Row

As everyone may know, Friday the 13th is my favorite holiday, so imagine my glee when there are been two in a row. I just love it when the first of the month lands on a Monday. For more about this amazing holiday, go to the article I wrote about by click here.

And remember, get you “pi” selections for tomorrow’s amazing holiday, Pi Day.

Holidays in March (2015 Calendar)

So, it’s a new month, which means that there is a new batch of holidays for the public to celebrate. March is National Irish American Heritage Month, Red Cross Month and Social Workers Month.

But now it’s time for that daily holidays brought to to you via me by Holiday Insights (

  1. National Pig Day (those little piggies are so cute); Peanut Butter Lovers’ Day (I have I told you how much I hate peanut butter. No…Well I do.)
  2. Old Stuff Day
  3. I Want You to be Happy Day; If Pets Had Thumbs Day; National Anthem Day; Peach Blossom Day
  4. Holy Experiment Day; Hug a GI Day
  5. Multiple Personality Day
  6. Dentist’s Day; National Frozen Food Day; Employee Appreciation Day (first Friday in March); National Salesperson Day (first Friday in March)
  7. National Crown Roast of Pork Day (Why are we killing the little piggies? *tear*)
  8. Be Nasty Day; International (Working) Women’s Day
  9. Panic Day
  10. Middle Name Pride Day
  11. Johnny Appleseed Day; Worship of Tools Day
  12. Girl Scouts Day; Plant a Flower Day; Popcorn Lover’s Day
  13. Ear Muff Day; Jewel Day
  14. Learn about Butterflies Day; National Potato Chip Day; National Pi Day (one of favorite holidays)
  15. Everything You Think is Wrong Day; Ides of March; Incredible Kid Day; Dumbstruck
  16. Everything You Do is Right Day; Freedom of Information Day
  17. Submarine Day; Saint Patrick’s Day
  18. Supreme Sacrifice Day; National Agriculture Day (date varies)
  19. Poultry
  20. International Earth Day; Extraterrestrial Abductions Day; Proposal Day; Fragrance Day
  21. National Quilting Day (third Saturday of March)
  22. National Goof Off Day
  23. National Chip and Dip Day; Dear Miss Day
  24. National Chocolate Covered Raisin day (I also don’t like Chocolate, just so you know)
  25. Pecan Day; Waffle Day
  26. Make Up Your Own Holiday; National Spinach Day
  27. National “Joe” Day
  28. Something on a Stick Day
  29. National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day; Smoke and Mirrors Day
  30. National Doctor’s Day; I am in Control Day; Take a Walk in the Park Day
  31. Bunsen Burner Day; National Clam on the Half Shell Day

Now that you know about the holidays of this month, go out and celebrate. Or not. The decision is totally up to you. But not Pi Day. Go out and tell every one that its Pi day. Now, let’s see how much Pi everyone gets for saying it.