February 5, 2017

Last night I got back super late from watching the RWBY finale. It was amazing, per usual. Unfortunately, there is no set day for when Volume 5 comes out, but I cannot wait. Also, Tumblr has been hilarious over the ending. In other words, do not go on social media if you have not seen the most recent episode. I have personally made that mistake several times. There is no open spoiler button, unfortunately.

Another thing, I have a test Monday, so I really need to get on that. I still have four lectures to watch that I did talk about Monday. Still questioning why I’m taking an online class. I am now scheduling when I’m going to watch the lectures because that is honestly the only way that I’m going to remember it. The problem with that is that my schedule is all over the place. There is no set time every day that I’m free. Woe is me. But since I still have to get that homework done, as well as try to get some videos recorded, I’m going to let you guys go now. See you guys later…


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