Reactions to RWBY Volume 4

First thing to say, this volume was absolutely amazing. New characters were introduced, more character development. On top of that, my shipping heart was completely on overload by the end. Since I will be talking completely about what happens, click the read more if you want to see it. Hopefully it works so that no one gets spoilers that don’t want any. To catch up, all of the RWBY episodes should be on YouTube by Saturday for those who do not have a membership to Rooster Teeth.

February 5, 2017

Last night I got back super late from watching the RWBY finale. It was amazing, per usual. Unfortunately, there is no set day for when Volume 5 comes out, but I cannot wait. Also, Tumblr has been hilarious over the ending. In other words, do not go on social media if you have not seen the most recent episode. I have personally made that mistake several times. There is no open spoiler button, unfortunately.

Another thing, I have a test Monday, so I really need to get on that. I still have four lectures to watch that I did talk about Monday. Still questioning why I’m taking an online class. I am now scheduling when I’m going to watch the lectures because that is honestly the only way that I’m going to remember it. The problem with that is that my schedule is all over the place. There is no set time every day that I’m free. Woe is me. But since I still have to get that homework done, as well as try to get some videos recorded, I’m going to let you guys go now. See you guys later…


February 3, 2017

Let’s start this by saying happy two year anniversary. It’s been two years since my very first post on this website. Though I do sometimes post few and far in between, but I do end up back here. But on with everything else.

Today was a long day. Not because I had a lot of things to do, but because I was just completely done with this week since Monday. I just had so much to do. That homework that I mentioned yesterday, barely got it done. I made sure to get at least 50% on all of the assignments before giving up and doing something else. I also barely slept last night, so it is sheer will-power that is keeping me up so that I can do this. That, and I haven’t really done something review wise in a while, and I really need to.

I’m a terrible person, but the Volume 4 finale of RWBY coming out tomorrow, I might have some things to say, probably including squealing. If you don’t know what RWBY is, you can click here for a short-ish blurb about some of the basis. Also, be warned in advance, there will probably be spoilers in the new post, but I will also renotify you of that. Somehow… I’ll figure that out later, but it will probably come out Monday if nothing happens before then.

I also have stuff to do because instead of doing work, like I should have been doing, I’ve been binge-playing Minecraft. I finally played BedWars on the Hypixel server and loved it. I was horrible at first, still kinda am, but I had loads of fun playing it. Would totally recommend. Maybe you will see me on there one day. No promises, though. College is still a thing. But I did get a 95% on my Physics test. Was pretty proud of myself and Minecraft is usually my reward for getting through the week. I also plan on live streaming Minecraft over the summer once I figure something out. Really hope that works.Maybe some videos may come out. Nothing solid planned yet. Crossing my fingers that it all works out. But until next time…

And for the future, I plan on live streaming Minecraft over the summer once I figure something out. Really hope that works.Maybe some videos may come out. Nothing solid planned yet as my laptop isn’t the best at processing lots of things at one time. (Me and my hundreds of tabs know this well.) Crossing my fingers that it all works out. But until next time…


Reimagined Fairy Tales

Recently, some friends of mine introduced me to a show called Rwby, pronounced Ruby, an Anime inspired show, and it is amazing. The best part: you can watch this series on YouTube  by the creators. I’m all caught up and I am still caught up in the feels on that final episode of the third volume. All of the characters are characters from our childhood but taking an amazing twist on it. And with the fourth volume coming out in October (not soon enough) I will be watching the chibi non-cannon version of this show. Yes, there is a Chibi verson, and it is amazing. Episodes of the Chibi version will come out every week until the new volume comes out (as far as I know), so that is how I am going to get my fix. Get yours, and watch this amazing series.

If you would like to get on this amazing series, click here to get on the action. Make sure you watch the trailers. They let you on to some clues to things that happen later on. Now, no more until info, for now, until volume 4 comes out. Then, I’m going to be all over that bad boy.

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