Reactions to RWBY Volume 4

First thing to say, this volume was absolutely amazing. New characters were introduced, more character development. On top of that, my shipping heart was completely on overload by the end. Since I will be talking completely about what happens, click the read more if you want to see it. Hopefully it works so that no one gets spoilers that don’t want any. To catch up, all of the RWBY episodes should be on YouTube by Saturday for those who do not have a membership to Rooster Teeth.

Now that I can say spoilers…

First off the outfits were amazing. The best outfit reveal was definitely Jaune’s with how he took pieces of Pyrrha’s outfit and added it to his own. Like her sash that he wears around his waist. And he added her symbol to his shield. It was the sweetest thing. ARKOS CONFIRMED. Also, Yang’s the finale when she finally felt ready to leave home. It was also very similar to Blake’s. Can anyone say Bumblebee?

In case anyone was wondering, by ships are as followed, and not in any particular order:

White Rose (Ruby and Weiss)

Bumblebee (Blake and Yang)

Arkos (Jaune and Pyrrha)

Flower Power (Ren and Nora)

Winter and Qrow (Do they have a ship name? If so, please tell me.)

Chocolate Coffee (Velvet and Coco)(I know they are never there, but they are adorable).

Next, Weiss’s Elsa moment was amazing. Because her father, who will forever be known as the Douchebag, literally locks her away so that she can never use her powers again, Weiss ran away to save the world. (And she can summon the guardian now! YAY!) I have a feeling that when they enviable win, the Douchebag will take all of the credit. I am also excited that Winter will be coming back next volume. She was an amazing character.

(Also, why are the people of Tumblr shipping Ironwood and the Douchebag! WHY!)

Not the mention how Blake is trying to take over the White Fang, to turn them back to a peaceful group. I kinda suspected that based on her outfit, that she would become the leader of some group. Super proud of her for no longer running away. Also kinda want Yang to knock some more sense into her about running away. Yes, Sun did it, but I want my ship to sail a little bit.

I also want team RWBY to be the four maidens. If they were to happen by prediction would be:

Ruby: Fall because she would be the last person Cinder thinks of when she dies.

Wiess: Winter because … reasons. (A.K.A. you know why)

Blake: Spring because her no longer running away is a symbol of rebirth which is what Spring means.

Yang: Summer because of her fiery personality, especially how it relates to her semblance where she literally catches on fire.

Another point that was amazing was how Ren and Nora met. Ren saw her her being bullied, and didn’t really have the courage to help her and then later saves her from the horse like Grimm. And then the snuggles after defeating it (*happy sigh*), although I was wishing Ren would not stand really close to it.

Something that I noticed was that the Grimm from the last episode had human-like qualities. My friends thought this was stupid, though, but I couldn’t help but think this. My theory is that since Grimm would have been created by the dark god, and then the light god and him came together to create humanity. Maybe they brought different ideas from their different places to great what is known as humans in the world, since the other Grimm look a lot like animals in real life. Yes, the Grimm was from Norse mythology, but hey, that just a theory, a RWBY theory. Please tell me someone got that reference. Pretty Please.

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