Not Your Typical Vampire Pt. 2

Before reading this, you might want to read the previous one I wrote for the Vampire for Hire series or better yet read the book. There’s bound to be spoilers if you. If you had already read the book, or want the spoilers, proceed ahead. If not, you’ve been warned.

In the last book, it’s mainly about meeting our protagonist Samantha Moon. She’s a vampire that’s just trying to take care of her family by working as a private investigator. Her client is a werewolf who found her because of his love a Moons. This werewolf is among the few people who know that Samantha is a vampire. The other people include her husband, her sister, and this random guy from a vampire website who believes her. Why she told this random guy, I have no clue. At the end of the book, Samantha’s husband kicks her out of the house after finding out that he is cheating on her under threat of revealing her vampiric nature to the world. In the current book, Samantha is trying to figure out how to get her children back. It’s just as good as the previous book and thrilling as Samantha figures out new abilities that she possesses and handles more cases. Also, there is a bit of stalking, trying to figure out ways for Samantha to get her children back from her husband.

Next Time, we move on to the third book of this series.

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