Not Your Typical Vampire Pt. 3

If you haven’t read the previous review or the previous book, please step away from the review.

In the previous book, we dealt with Samantha Moon’s horrible split with her husband. Samantha wasn’t allowed to have any contact with her children other than a ten-minute phone conversation. Her husband was keeping her at bay under the threat of releasing a sample of her blood and a picture of her, of which she doesn’t show up in. She was having a bit of trouble with a case where she is protecting a client from her abusive husband and dealing with a serial killer. Luckily, she deals with both of the horrible people and found a way to get back at her husband. As the book closes, Samantha has a surprise meeting with her mystery man from the vampire chat room.

The current book was a pretty sad one. Samantha has to deal with some personal issues with her family as well as help someone in end. It got to me a couple of times to be honest. Samantha has to make some really tough decisions in this one.

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