King of the Tigers Pt 3

In this post, I will be continuing my crazy review of the Netflix docuseries Tiger King. Considering the order of these posts coming out overall, you might think that I’m binging this show, but you would be wrong. After each episode, I must take a bit to truly absorb what it was that I just saw. Before continuing to read this, I would suggest reading parts 1 and 2 so you can get an overall feel of how much my head hurts from this show.

In this particular episode, the disappearance of Carole Baskin’s second husband, Don Lewis, is the main focus. In total, he has been missing for over twenty years at this point and absolutely nothing makes sense about this case based on the information that has been presented.

Before the disappearance, Lewis mentioned to his ex-wife and a friend that he was thinking about divorcing Carole. This seemed to be the basis of the speculation that Carole ended up murdering her husband. The lead investigator of the case stated that the case started as a missing person’s case for a week before they started to consider some type of foul play.

The beginning of Lewis and Baskin’s relationship started on really creepy circumstances. Baskin was walking the streets after a fight with her then-husband. Lewis was driving around, asking if he could drive her somewhere before offering to have to hold a gun on him so that they could talk. It ended up with the two of them spending the night at a motel together even though Lewis had a wife and two children. The affair would continue for four years before Baskin and Lewis would officially get together.

The biggest thing was that Lewis would be considered an animal collector. The couple created Wildlife on Easy Street, which would later become Big Cat Rescue, and its main function was to buy, sell, and breed big cats. Even though this place was considered a sanctuary, it was considered a bit suspect considering the couple paid $94,000 on the cats. It was interesting that Baskin initially seemed completely okay with treating these animals as pets, which is a complete 180 from what she believes now, or seems to believe now.

Right before his disappearance, Lewis was talking about visiting Costa Rica in order to move their cat breeding operation there. From there, no one really knows what to think. Police officers even went to Costa Rica and asked around about Lewis.

To be honest, I don’t know what to think about this case. Even after having the investigation open for 1.5 years, the police have no idea either. I’m actually leaning toward her having nothing to do with her husband’s disappearance. She was the main suspect, and the police found absolutely nothing reasonable to question her with. Lewis would have the funds to disappear if he really wanted to. I just don’t want to think that she’s that manipulative. I think she’s not a good person, but not that bad.

The thing that leaves shivers down your spine though has nothing to do with the actual facts of the investigation. It is a sound bit of Exotic stating that Baskin will get what is coming to her. Considering the murder for hire aspect of this story that has been said to exist, it just seems really scary. Exotic playing the role of judge, jury, and executioner is just something you don’t want to happen in real life, but here it is.


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