King of the Tigers Pt 5

I took a small break from this crazy show. Turns out, it is now the perfect way to distract myself from from what’s going on in the world. If you haven’t read my previous posts, click the number for the episode below. After this, there will be spoilers.

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This episode was not what I expected. I was expecting things to go one way and then it was flipped on its head before it was flipped again. I sat here at my desk wondering what was going to happen next.

The first thing discussed was the partial take over of the zoo that Lowe, from the previous episode, implemented. Lowe’s opinion seemed to be the only Exotic cared about, and the staff seemed to detest him. From doing nothing around the property to firing half of the original staff, Lowe was not making any friends. Another thing that got to me was the fact that a pizzeria opened on the property. Surprisingly, this ended up being one of the worst parts of this episode. Remember how a few episodes ago, it was mentioned that the staff would use old meat in order to feed the animals. Well, they started putting that on pizza…that they would serve to customers…for money. That has to be some kind of health and safety regulation issue. They should have gotten sued just for this.

First twist in this epic adventure of an episode: Exotic decides to run for president. I thought it was a joke at first before they showed the Last Week Tonight clip. I vaguely remembered seeing the segment, but had was worried about other things back in 2016. This random candidate barely sparked my interest. I don’t know if Exotic honestly thought that he was going to when the presidential election or it was just part of the stunt.

After losing the election in 2016, Exotic decides to run for governor. This had to be a source of entertainment to those nearby. I was also kind of amazed that he met his campaign manager at Walmart. I honestly don’t really see going into a grocery store and coming out of the trip with someone who is going to run your campaign. While the stunt, because I truly believe that it was a stunt, initially brought in more business, it did not last long. Exotic started to have wild mood swings and would make allegations that people were trying to kill him. This eventually led to a conversation about Exotic’s need to constantly buy things for his husbands.

As you have probably read before, I had taken serious issue with his relationship with his husbands before. It seemed to be highly manipulative, getting this boys straight out of high school. Another red flag for me was the drug use. Both seemed to be addicted to meth, and their only source of money seemed to be Exotic. At that point they would have been reliant on Exotic to keep up that habit even if they didn’t love him, which they didn’t. Unfortunately, Travis, the younger of the two husbands, ended up killing himself. From the recounting and video footage, I honestly cannot tell if it was purposeful or not. Honestly from the different relationship aspects that were intermingling, it could have been either option.

The unfortunate thing was that Exotic didn’t seem to care. There is most definitely things that happened behind closed doors, but I was pretty disgusted by it. The urge to throw up increased as Exotic was married within two months of the funeral. This marriage was once again with a kid just out of high school. This is super predatory by grooming individuals just on the side of being legal.

The last turn of events was official my favorite so far. It’s what I’ve been waiting for since the first episode. I also think the way the crew set up this moment was genius. It begins with Exotic starting to become really paranoid, which becomes seemingly justified since a listening device was found. Next, it jumps to Lowe being interviewed. The interview is cut off for a bit because Lowe gets a phone call. Later he says that calls from a federal agent and says “Joe’s going down.” Honestly, that moment could have been scripted. I would have been okay with it. That is something straight out of a crime novel or TV show.

Right now, I’m really excited to hear the charges that await Exotic. I know one of them, but I am interested to see how this all unfolds. Next time though.

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