King of the Tigers: Pt 6

I am back with what I think is the second to last episode of the completely crazy adventure that I have been on. I honestly think that I have lost come IQ points along the way. If you haven’t read any of my previous posts or watched this insanity, I would suggest you go to Part 5 to see the links for previous posts.

This time, the insanity starts with discussion about Lowe’s criminal history. Turns out he has been arrested for beating his first wife and for sneaking in animals, but somehow that is not the worst thing. Surprisingly, it just gets worse from there.

When Lowe gets back to the zoo, he finds evidence that Exotic forged checks with his name on it and misappropriated funds when he was running for governor. Lowe, not wanting to be implicated in Exotic’s scheme, he kick the Tiger King off the zoo. This then lead to Exotic destroying paper files and wiping computer data, which is not suspicious in any way. Why else would someone do such a thing? Then, Exotic disappeared with pretty much no one knowing where he went.

Next up was the rumors that Exotic has hiring people to kill Baskin and thus was initially under investigation, which honestly is not much of a surprise wince he talked about it all the time, including on camera, but no one wanted to admit they thought he was serious. First Exotic’s husband was supposed to kill her and then random employees who worked for the zoo. It’s is unimaginable that everyone didn’t think that he was serious. There were just so many red flags.

Next, law enforcement got involved. Lowe, Exotic, and their friends James Garretson where all in on the plan. Even one of Lowe’s guys was supposed to kill Baskin before he disappeared off the face of the earth after going on a drug binge. The investigation seems to go no where, even when Garretson becomes a confidential informant, that is, until Garretson told Lowe that he was a confidential informant. Then came the plan of proving that Exotic paid Lowe’s guy for his services, which he was ready to give. Because all of the testimonies implicated Exotic, he ended up in jail, instead of anyone else, which blew my mind. I was at the very least expecting parole for these guys.

The episode ended with the inference will share Joe’s side of the story, and I am very interesting in hearing what he has to say. I’m sure the story will get more insane, but I’m not really sure how.

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