King of the Tigers Pt 7

Here I am, finally done with this mind-numbing show that took the country by storm. If you missed my last posting, you can find it here. But now, on to the rest of the drama.

This episode focused on the charges that were laid out against Exotic, there were 19 charges against him, including murder-for-hire and selling and killing tigers. Of which, could have gotten 79 years in prison. There was even speculation that the animal abuse charges were because the murder charge would not stick.

Every single employee ended up testifying against him. It was noted that not one person spoke on Exotic’s behalf. Exotic, for some reason also decided to testify himself. He had an answer for everything in order to push the blame off of himself. He didn’t think that we was going to be charged.

In the end, Exotic was found guilty of all charges. There probably was no chance with all of the evidence against him. The only thing that gets me is how no one else has been arrested. It is honestly mind blowing. The only thing that gives be a sense of comfort is that the federal agents said they were not completely done investigating, especially when Exotic went to PETA of all places with information.

Justice was served, but honestly no one won the war the was set up. Everything started with tiger conservation being the center the everything, and then it all deviated into this entire saga of murder for hire plots and finance crimes. The one thing that I do hope comes out of this saga is a resurgence in tiger conservation. In my opinion, all of the zoos featured in this docuseries needs to be torn down. They’re all horrible. I’m crossing my fingers honestly.

I hope that you enjoyed my look at all of the episodes. I somehow was able to stay away from any spoilers even though I was very late to the party. I think I might go watch a real documentary to refresh my brain cells from the damage they have taken.

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