Know the Mind in 20 Minutes

In a continuation of my feat in watching every documentary and documentary series ever, I watched The Mind, Explained. It is a spin-off of Explained, but this one focuses exclusively on the brain, dealing with topics such as dreams and anxiety. I will say that I felt completely attacked by the episode on anxiety in the fact that is exactly how I feel when I’m overcome by anxiety. Once I got over being attacked, it felt completely validating as I had a hard time explaining how I felt in the midst of a panic attack with others.

The episodes we’re interesting and very informative. I don’t know the most about psychology or neuroscience, so I cannot comment the validity of what was being told, outside of the anxiety one. I would definitely check this out if you are interested in these topics. I just hope that there is another season in the works.

Cost of the American Dream

I don’t even think that I should call this a recommendation. It’s more of what I could call a necessity. It today’s state of affairs, Immigration is a major topic that comes up in public discourse no matter what side of the aisle you’re straddling.

Currently, there is a docuseries that came out of Netflix titled Immigration Nation. Such a compelling story was told in what felt like a short 6 hours as I watched this in one sitting. This story is told through multiple lens: those of immigrants themselves, ICE agents, activist and even academics.

This entire series put me through an emotionally roller coaster. I will admit that this documentary seemed to have a more liberal sway, but I feel that it is important to understand the information that was given. It was an in-depth look at those on both sides of the argument, especially as it deals with the laws that surround immigration into this country. I found out things that I never would have thought to be possible that both shocked and disgusted me. I was going through bouts were I felt my eyes grow heavy with water and then wanted to punch people in the face. Violent, I know, but that’s what I wanted to do. This usually occurred when I felt that a person being portrayed was not taking things seriously, such as going into laughing fits over things said. I will admit that the entire context of these conversations were not released and the clips could have been taken out of context, thus me saying there was probably a liberal sway. There were just things that were bad takes and I don’t know how accurate they are to the person themselves.

Either way, this is a must watch. Immigration is a topic that is never going away and the system needs to have changes. What changes the will occur can be debated about thoroughly, but it is still a conversation that needs to be had with actual results coming out of it. This docuseries will give you more information with of which you can take how you want.

King of the Tigers Pt 7

Here I am, finally done with this mind-numbing show that took the country by storm. If you missed my last posting, you can find it here. But now, on to the rest of the drama.

King of the Tigers: Pt 6

I am back with what I think is the second to last episode of the completely crazy adventure that I have been on. I honestly think that I have lost come IQ points along the way. If you haven’t read any of my previous posts or watched this insanity, I would suggest you go to Part 5 to see the links for previous posts.

King of the Tigers Pt 5

I took a small break from this crazy show. Turns out, it is now the perfect way to distract myself from from what’s going on in the world. If you haven’t read my previous posts, click the number for the episode below. After this, there will be spoilers.

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King of the Tigers Pt 2

I have watched the second episode of Tiger King, and let’s just say that I’m a bit… perplexed is probably the right word. If you haven’t read the first part, you might be a bit confused. You can read my take on it here. Continue ahead if you are ready.

King of the Tigers Pt. 1

As you can probably tell from the title, I’ll be going over the crazy show that embraced us throughout the quarantine. Now, I’ve tried my best to keep from any information regarding this show other than the knowledge that this show is absolutely crazy. For that reason, I decided that if I truly want to talk about this show appropriately, I would need to go episode by episode in discussing the craziness that happens. I am writing this as of watching the first episode, so spoilers through that episode.

Maybe Mean What You Say

Next in my deep dive into documentary series is The Confession Tapes. I absolutely love procedural cop dramas and the confessions at the end of the episode are what you live for. This documentary takes that step in the entire process and takes a closer look at it. What if the confession isn’t everything? What if the confession wasn’t as true as television has led us to believe? This is that show. It follows several investigations where the central piece of evidence is the confession given. Both sides of the justice system give their take on each case. With some of the episodes, I’m completely stumped as to which side I’m on, and I completely believe that that is the entire point of this documentary: to shine a light on the fog that is sometimes our justice system. If you love a documentary that has lots of twists and turns, I would suggest checking this out on Netflix.

Dirty Money

Over the summer, I became a little obsessed with documentaries and docuseries, or documentary series. While I was inserting things into whatever word document, I would have a brand new episode up. Now I won’t talk about every single one, but the first one I will talk about is Dirty Money. In essence, it talks about different companies and scandals associated with them. I personally found it fascinating. I will admit, the last episode is a bit political, talking about Donald Trump, but it was mostly talking about his past up to running for office; it was informative with out too much of a liberal sway. It was there, but not really overwhelming. Overall, it was a decent docuseries. It also showed multiple points of view, which was also interesting. I may have to give it another watch, or wait until another season comes out on Netflix (if it does within a reasonable amount of time).

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