Finishing the Rat Race

Since it is still the beginning of the year, and I am still convinced that I need to be a better me, I have found another book on habits that I sat down and read. The thing that I really enjoyed about this book was the varying narratives that were found throughout. If you want exciting ways to look at habits, I would suggest The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg.

What I enjoy from reading this was both the personal aspects of habit-making and breaking and how businesses can use that information against us. One example is how Target can say if you are pregnant or not. The data behind that crazy story is revealed in this book. How did Febreze take over the world of cleaning supplies? That answer is here as well. By working through the various cues in our lives, we can figure out how to find the best places and get into new habits and weed out the bad. The stories are attention-grabbing and fascinating reads on how patterns make up our entire world, whether we realized it or not.

Two Sides of the Same Coin

I feel pretty comfortable saying that this past month has been crazy, specifically in the United States, and fraught with tension. Whenever I’m confused about things, I try to turn to books because what else is there to do. I turned to social psychology to maybe explain some things to me. That lead to me reading The Lucifer EffectUnderstanding How Good People Turn Evil by Philip Zimbardo. If this name sounds familiar, he was the principal investigator of the infamous Stanford Prison Experiment.

This book goes through every step of the prison experiment from opening day to when Zimbardo was convinced to close the doors. Not only this, Zimbardo discusses every step in the slow descent of his guards and prisoners in playing their roles. It also walked through the real-world example of abuses in American prisons across the world built for the War on Terror. Instead of just blaming the “bad apples,” this book accuses the barrel those “apples” are found in, blaming the system that sets the rules in place and gives no actual oversight. In other words, this book does a great job of explaining what is going on in today’s world and how to prevent oneself from being brainwashed by these systems. But before reading, I must warn you of trigger warnings, and I must say every single trigger warning imaginable. If you get offended by anything, this might not be the book for you, no matter how important I feel reading it is.

Know the Mind in 20 Minutes

In a continuation of my feat in watching every documentary and documentary series ever, I watched The Mind, Explained. It is a spin-off of Explained, but this one focuses exclusively on the brain, dealing with topics such as dreams and anxiety. I will say that I felt completely attacked by the episode on anxiety in the fact that is exactly how I feel when I’m overcome by anxiety. Once I got over being attacked, it felt completely validating as I had a hard time explaining how I felt in the midst of a panic attack with others.

The episodes we’re interesting and very informative. I don’t know the most about psychology or neuroscience, so I cannot comment the validity of what was being told, outside of the anxiety one. I would definitely check this out if you are interested in these topics. I just hope that there is another season in the works.

Canadian Police Force

A show that I watch kinda sporadically was Flashpoint. Well, good news. I have actually watched the entire show from start to finish, finally. It is an action packed thriller that is a combination of a S.W.A.T. team and Criminal Minds. I can’t say it’s like the show S.W.A.T., because I have not seen it yet. But this show was action and drama is intensive and nerve-wracking. There are times when you cannot tell that it will go well for the protagonists. This is a sit on the edge of your seat kind of cop show. Instead of having days to solve a crime like in other shows, in this one, they have a couple of hours, at most, to solve the issue. Sometimes, they don’t even get that. It is fast paced and enjoyable ride from start to finish.

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