Cost of the American Dream

I don’t even think that I should call this a recommendation. It’s more of what I could call a necessity. It today’s state of affairs, Immigration is a major topic that comes up in public discourse no matter what side of the aisle you’re straddling.

Currently, there is a docuseries that came out of Netflix titled Immigration Nation. Such a compelling story was told in what felt like a short 6 hours as I watched this in one sitting. This story is told through multiple lens: those of immigrants themselves, ICE agents, activist and even academics.

This entire series put me through an emotionally roller coaster. I will admit that this documentary seemed to have a more liberal sway, but I feel that it is important to understand the information that was given. It was an in-depth look at those on both sides of the argument, especially as it deals with the laws that surround immigration into this country. I found out things that I never would have thought to be possible that both shocked and disgusted me. I was going through bouts were I felt my eyes grow heavy with water and then wanted to punch people in the face. Violent, I know, but that’s what I wanted to do. This usually occurred when I felt that a person being portrayed was not taking things seriously, such as going into laughing fits over things said. I will admit that the entire context of these conversations were not released and the clips could have been taken out of context, thus me saying there was probably a liberal sway. There were just things that were bad takes and I don’t know how accurate they are to the person themselves.

Either way, this is a must watch. Immigration is a topic that is never going away and the system needs to have changes. What changes the will occur can be debated about thoroughly, but it is still a conversation that needs to be had with actual results coming out of it. This docuseries will give you more information with of which you can take how you want.

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