Killer Roommate

Just out of college, that last thing you expect is that your new roommate kills people for a living, but that is what you get out of Assassin Roommate by Monica Gallagher. The characters balance each other well. There is not an overabundance of unnecessary characters. Everyone serves a purpose. The relationships are also written very well. There are hints of a love triangle, but it isn’t annoying as some love triangles can be. Everyone involved are adults. Yes, they do have outbursts of emotion, but it is all understandable. Also, the conflict between the different assassin networks is also interesting as you are trying to figure out what everyone wants and what their true motives are. The second season of this webcomic just wrapped up, so it is the perfect time to catch up on this amazing series. I can’t wait to find out what the author has in store next.

Cutest Couple of the Future

In the webcomic set in the future, there is an amazing one known as Always Human by walkingnorth. It’s a beautiful romance between two very different girls with different goals for life. Every moment between them is beautiful; every moment is believable. One thing I enjoyed was that not every moment of their lives was not wrapped up in one another. They have struggles and friendships outside of their relationship. Not every moment is filled with fluff, even though the fluff was the cutest thing ever. And when the couple fought, it was over meaningful stuff, and their arguments were reasonable. They weren’t too nasty to one another, which made them even more adorable. I definitely would recommend reading this again and again.

Every-bunny Needs Some-bunny

Recently, I have read the super cute book A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo by Jill Twiss. It was sponsored by HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, which is where I heard about the book from. I don’t read many children’s book, but this one was well worth it. I’ve read it twice, and it brought tears to my eyes both times. The best part about this book is that 100% of the proceeds go to the Trevor Project and  AIDS United, two amazing causes to get behind. I would personally get this book anyway that you could. Even though this book was written with a political agenda, it is a good book. Nothing political is explicit, so if you want to read to this, they will only get the message of love. I’m not going to spoil anything from this book(except for in the tags), you are just going to have to get your hands on a copy. You can get it here.