King of the Tigers Pt 5

I took a small break from this crazy show. Turns out, it is now the perfect way to distract myself from from what’s going on in the world. If you haven’t read my previous posts, click the number for the episode below. After this, there will be spoilers.

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Resources to fight Systematic Racism

If you have been following my blog for any amount of time, you’ll know that I usually will tell you a whole bunch of holidays that take place over the world. This time, I don’t feel like celebrating anything. This past week has just been a whole lot for me. I felt numb for a few days and now I felt like doing what I can: get information out there. I’m not really the type of person that goes out protesting, but this is something that I can do.

Campaign Zero: Campaign Zero is a group that fights for the end of unnecessary police violence “by limiting interventions, improving interactions, and ensuring accountability.” They currently have ten categories where policy reform can take place as well as research supporting those reform policies. Ways to get involved and donate can be found on this website.

Minnesota Freedom Fund: Currently this organization is using donation money in order to “pay bail for those who have shown up in love and grief and rage to demand justice for the murder of George Floyd.” This fund is using donation money so that protesters do not have to stay in jail just because they don’t have the money for bail. While the organization is currently asking people to donate directly to Floyd’s family or other local organization, they will use money donated to continue freeing people and advocacy of abolishing the prison industrial complex.

ACLU Minnesota: The American Civil Liberties Union for the state of Minnesota “continues to promote, protect, and extend the civil liberties and civil rights of people in Minnesota through litigation, lobbying, and community engagement.” Currently, the group is calling for “a fair, independent, and transparent investigation.”

Official George Floyd Memorial Fund: This is a GoFundMe created by a member of the Floyd family. The funds are going to be used to cover funeral costs, grief counseling, travel for court cases, and assisting the family during this time. A portion will also be used to care for George Floyd’s children and their education. If you want more information, there is an FAQ section you can go to.

If you know more sources, I would appreciate anyone telling me so that I can add to this resource page. Also, I ask that anyone who can donate, please do. I understand that times are hard, so don’t spend outside of your means. Also, I implore that you do something. You might not be out on the streets protesting, but we must show that what happened last week is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

King of the Tigers Pt 4

I have once again made the tough and long journey to the Netflix tab in my browser and click play episode. I feel the need to reiterate that I am not binge-watching this show. In fact, I wait a day or two before watching another episode. A friend of mine almost spoiled somethings for me, so that’s why I am saying this. Before we continue, if you have not read the previous posts on this show, you can find Parts 1, 2, and 3 within this sentence.

King of the Tigers Pt 3

In this post, I will be continuing my crazy review of the Netflix docuseries Tiger King. Considering the order of these posts coming out overall, you might think that I’m binging this show, but you would be wrong. After each episode, I must take a bit to truly absorb what it was that I just saw. Before continuing to read this, I would suggest reading parts 1 and 2 so you can get an overall feel of how much my head hurts from this show.

King of the Tigers Pt 2

I have watched the second episode of Tiger King, and let’s just say that I’m a bit… perplexed is probably the right word. If you haven’t read the first part, you might be a bit confused. You can read my take on it here. Continue ahead if you are ready.

King of the Tigers Pt. 1

As you can probably tell from the title, I’ll be going over the crazy show that embraced us throughout the quarantine. Now, I’ve tried my best to keep from any information regarding this show other than the knowledge that this show is absolutely crazy. For that reason, I decided that if I truly want to talk about this show appropriately, I would need to go episode by episode in discussing the craziness that happens. I am writing this as of watching the first episode, so spoilers through that episode.

Holidays in May (2020 Calendar)

Five months into the new decade and things have been doing pretty well. As far as I’m aware, students who are still in school should be closing in on finals. I would consider myself lucky since I graduated last semester. I’ve been hearing a mixture of meh and horror stories from people attending Zoom University. Now as summer starts to close in, let’s see some of the holidays that we all will be able to celebrate by ourselves at home since we will probably still be in quarantine for a while.


International Tuba Day (first Friday); Loyalty Day; May Day; Mother Goose Day; Save the Rhino Day; Space Day (first Friday); Batman Day; International Labor Day; Feast of St Joseph the Worker


Baby Day; Brothers and Sisters Day; Free Comic Book Day (first Saturday); Herb Day (first Saturday); Kentucky Derby Day (first Saturday); National Explosive Ordnance Disposal Day; Astronomy Day; World Naked Gardening Day; National Skilled Trades Day


Garden Meditation Day; Lumpy Rug Day; World Press Freedom Day; National Paranormal Day


Bird Day; National Candied Orange Peel Day; Renewal Day; Star Wars Day


Cinco de Mayo; National Hoagie Day; National Teacher’s Day (Tuesday of first full week); Oyster Day; National Silence the Shame Day


Beverage Day; National Tourist Appreciation Day; National Nurses Day; No Diet Day


National Tourism Day; National Day of Reason; Buddha Day


Child Care Provider Day/Daycare Provider Day (Friday before Mother’s Day); National Outdoor Intercourse Day; No Socks Day; V-E Day; World Red Cross/Crescent Day; World Ovarian Cancer Day; Time of Remembrance and Reconciliation for Those Who Lost Their Lives during the Second World War


Birth Mother’s Day (Saturday before Mother’s Day); International Migratory Bird Day (second Saturday); Lost Sock Memorial Day; National Train Day (Saturday closest to 10 May); National Windmill Day (second Saturday)


Clean up Your Room Day; Lilac Sunday (second Sunday); Mother’s Day (second Sunday)


Eat What You Want Day; Twilight Zone Day


Fatigue Syndrome Day; International Nurses Day; Limerick Day


Frog Jumping Day; Leprechaun Day; National Receptionist Day (second Wednesday); School Nurses Day (Wednesday of Nurse’s Week)


Dance Like a Chicken Day


National Bike to Work Day (third Friday); National Chocolate Chip Day; Police Officer’s Memorial Day; National Pizza Party Day; NASCAR Day


Armed Forces Day (third Saturday); Love a Tree Day; National Sea Monkey Day; Wear Purple for Peace Day; Honor Our LGBT Elders Day


Pack Rat Day


International Museum Day; No Dirty Dishes Day; Victoria Day (Canada); Visit Your Relatives Day; HIV Vaccine Awareness Day


Boy’s Club Day; World Plant a Vegetable Garden Day


Be a Millionaire Day; Pick Strawberries; National Rescue Dog Day


National Memo Day; National Waiters and Waitresses Day


Buy a Musical Instrument Day; Don’t Fry Friday (Friday before Memorial Day); World Goth Day; International Day for Biological Diversity; Yom Yerushalayim; National Solitaire Day


International Jazz Day (Saturday of Memorial Day weekend); Lucky Penny Day; End of Ramadan; World Turtle Day


National Escargot Day


Memorial Day (last Monday); National Missing Children’s Day; National Brown Bag It Day; National Towel Day (UK); National Wine Day; Tap Dance Day


Sally Ride Day


Sun Screen Day; National Grape Popsicle Day; National Senior Health and Fitness Day


Amnesty International Day; National Hamburger Day; Orthodox Ascension Day


Learn About Composting Day


Mint Julep Day; Water a Flower Day


National Macaroon Day; Save Your Hearing Day; World No Tobacco Day; Whit Sunday

Sources: Holiday Insights; Holidays Calendar

When Birds Attack

Over the course of this quarantine, I have continued watching amazingly bad movies. As of writing this post, I have watched the entirety of the Birdemic series. For those who have never heard of this series, it is a really bad attempt at having an environmental message. Both movies center around birds coming and attacking people because they are mad at global warming. Yes, that is the premise of both movies.

The thing about both movies is that even though I have told you the summary of the entire movie, you are still going to have to wait about forty minutes for anything to happen. In the first movie, Birdemic: Shock and Terror, a good portion of the movie watching the protagonist drive to work, fill up his gas tank, and get stuck in traffic. For a movie about saving the environment, a lot of time is spent driving. That and protagonist and a flat board of nothingness. Also, the CGI is utterly atrocious, but that is part of the fun.

The second movie, Birdemic 2: The resurrection, the protagonist spends the majority of his time getting from place to place on foot, so there is an improvement. Also, he does show emotion. It’s really creepy but is an improvement over a flat board. The majority of the second movie revolves around call-backs from the previous movie. Not much was added, but references. I would say the second movie is a bit better because it is more self-aware of how crazy everything is.

Love bad movies, most definitely check this series out. Both movies are on Amazon for your viewing pleasure.

Merging the Kingdom Back Together

A new merging game that has recently dropped on the GooglePlay store is Wild Kingdom. In essence, you are the new ruler of this kingdom and have to build it back up with the help of a sketchy assistant. The game is currently in early access, but I still feel that there is nothing to really show for the game overall. I really like the art style. It’s very Disney-like, similar to Robin Hood. I just can’t really tell if I would enjoy this game in the long run. It took me twenty minutes to get to the point in the early access where I literally can do nothing more. So far, I’m neutral about the game. I would definitely like to see more to see if I couldn’t enjoy the game long term. If they make more, I might come back to see how much it has changed, but for right now, I can’t really recommend it.

Manifesting Destiny

One of the many idle games that I have on my phone is a game known as Idle Frontier. The first thing that attracted me to the game was cute illustrations. It looks a bit like the types of books that I would have read when I was younger. Idle games are kind of my thing. I like being able to just to due a couple of things for a bit of time, come back a couple of hours later, and be further in the game. It’s the standard idle game with achievements that gives you extra bonuses. My one problem with this game is that there is this loot box system. You have a random chance of getting manager cards of which is needed to automate everything for when you are away. As you get farther in the game, you have to level up these managers, which is by random chance. I’m okay with putting in the work first hand, but later on, I just want to let the game work itself. Overall, the game is okay. I think that if you enjoy constantly putting in the work overtime, go ahead. I’m pretty neutral overall.

If you want to try this game out, download the app for Andriod and iOS.

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